Killing the Demon

Understanding Anger

Anger Management

When I was a little younger, I used to think that anger drives most of our strength. I was taught like that. Everywhere I would see, any quote I would read, they would tell me, avoid anger. It is the worst emotion.
Anger Management

I grew up like that, years thinking anger will make me weak and no matter what, I would stay calm and polite.

Years passed by, I graduated high school and survived college. I tried as much as I could to avoid anger. At any price. I would not annoy people, respect everyone and please them as I go along. Of course, I grew a habit of punishing myself in some way or another to sip all that anger, all that fury. Results were never good.

Anger Management

I entered adulthood as a very mature guy. Mature but unstable. I would make people around me happy, be compassionate and listen to everyone’s story whether it bored me and would try to resolve everyone’s problem who cared to tell me. Later I learned, people tell problems. They love reciting their problems to everyone as if it was some very melodious poem. No one likes to accept the harm they did and the malicious brain they carry in their skull. People are corrupt, aren’t they?

Killing the Demon

Angry Guy - Anger Management
Imagine the stress you put on your facial muscles. Isn’t it worthless unless you’re an actor


No, they are not. People are not corrupt. Everyone goes through changes, it’s just up to them to either adapt, resist or enhance themselves.


nice lady - Anger Management

I worked through my problems, made myself better with every change. Every time I fell, I carried myself up. I pushed myself against the strongest of winds, I learned to smile, to laugh, to cry and finally, I retorted.

Of course, I had help, and there are people who held me like pillars.

I am not perfect, I was not meant to be. Hell with the perfection, I probably am the stupidest boy I have ever known. But why should I care? Why should you? We were not born to become the best, we were, to become happy and enjoy life.

Understanding the Demon

Anger is not the worst feeling, believe me. Although it drives some disturbing emotions, yes, but it is far the worst feel itself.

Anger Management

It is said that often, that there is a little demon inside our head and he is the reason we get angry. However, I can go on and on, telling you that: it is not true, I am a scientist and I know the cause of anger, but I’ll not ruin the fun. Let’s believe it is true.

Maybe it is true, who knows but God.

The Story:

There is a little demon inside our head, he sleeps most of the time. He has a large tail like a scorpion, with twin blades on the edges and an arrow at the tip. He has a large horn on his head, maybe two. His teeth are sharp but symmetrical and he is red like blood.

While we are happy, it sleeps pleasantly and weeps along with us when we are sad. But, he only gains control over us when we are furious. Anger drives the hormones inside our head and pumps him the power onto us.

And when he has the controls, you know the rest.

Some people get angry easy, some are hard to provoke. But that doesn’t make calm people any less dangerous. Longer a volcano waits, harsher it erupts. Little things and small issues that we ignore in our daily life usually pile up to become a larger depression.

Demons, Lives inside us. He gives us strength in exchange of our peace.

We cannot kill it, we can not let it go.

We just have to learn to tame it.

Control It before it does to you.

So, How to tame it

Okay, we now know that anger is not always a bad thing. Is it?
Well, the demon inside you, literally or not is attached to you since you were a baby and now it’s a part of you. You cannot just kill a part now, can you?

And that demon is probably fond of you, maybe working for you in your unconscious mind. There must be a reason God put this demon in your head. Maybe to help you, save you from harm. For whatever reason, the demon is necessary.

Anger Management

The real question is, how do you tame it for your maximum good?

How can you control your anger in your own or someone greater’s benefit?

Anger Management

Anger Management

The answer is simple: funnel it. How would you sail in a wind flowing against your boat? By funneling the air, some physics laws and zoom, you are sailing against the wind.

You can funnel your anger. See, anger is not just an emotion. It is a catalyst. It is red and it is the strength. Use this catalyst to boost your other emotions. Use your anger to become more passionate in love, use it to acquire more muscles in the gym, use this catalyst to grasp more knowledge, become more flexible. Take your anger, combine it with your soul, never just let it go, never quench your curiosity. Let this demon in your leash, and rule your world.

Anger Management

Anger Management

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