We are often told that everyone is born different. If there are 8 billion people that live on the face of mother earth, they all are unique in themselves. But is that true? If that is, are you afraid of being different?

Let’s consider a group of backbenchers in a classroom. Every classroom has one. Maybe you were a backbencher once. Sneering comments when the teacher was facing the blackboard. Or making sarcastic comments on other students making the rest of the class laugh. Or humiliate someone out of the class, or bullying a weak kid. There are common stereotypes of backbenchers. They lead a very ordinary life once they graduate. Their higher standards of self-desires cause them dissatisfaction once they pass the school. And they get bored easily, but they are among those who are scared the most. They don’t like risks. They learned to live their life in the back of the class. It is not necessarily true, but just a general opinion. I was a backbencher once myself, but I came out of it.


Every classroom has a different set of groups. Each set consists of few students of common interest. They are geeks who solve math puzzles together, girls who gossip all the time, kids who wag their tails around teachers all the time, kids in a rock band, kids in sports, kids, kids, kids.

Any set of people is together for a reason: “common interests.”

Each one of us is similar to one another in some way or another. And it is just a way how we feel. We perceive differences from the people. We think we are different but guess what, we are not.

So 8 billion people on earth, and there is an infinite combination of different traits that a human can have, everyone, thus, is remarkably unique.

But everyone is still not “different” from one another.

We all need a family, a job, a lover, a few friends, a purpose, and the sole desire that makes us different. That is our dream we need to pursue.

We have media. We have constructed a massive social network, and no one is a stranger nowadays. We can learn about anyone who has a digital footprint.

If you are a typical person, is that a bad thing?

No, of course not. As long as you’re happy, everything you do is acceptable in this free world, unless you are harming anybody or anything amid your desire.

Being different is not a bad thing, but not anyone can afford to be one. Following that impulse inside your mind requires a lot of courage. It is not easy to rise as one unique personality, so most of us try not to live like we were supposed to be. We evade our personal dreams; dream that even we don’t know.

Most people follow other sheep in the herd, try not to work too hard, and enjoy life as it is. It is not that bad. As long as you are humane, you are good.

Is it bad to be a different person?

It depends on the perception of yours. And yours only. Joker (of Batman) was a unique person, but it does not make him right. He is the worse possible form of human in the domain of humanity.

People often are scared of different people; they do not want to accept the black sheep of the herd. Their own insecurities and impotence towards their own life, reflect in their words and actions, towards those who are different.

If you are different, never feel weak. Find common ground, seek for company. Solitary is not for everyone. Despite various quotes that you’d find online on solitary being a good thing, I am strongly against it.

Just be yourself and spread love.


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