Last week, I posted on Instagram asking my followers for some fun collaboration as I’ve seen people have been doing that. So, why not?

I was not expecting these amazing quotes to fall upon my door and some of these astounding writers who actually gave me some good stuff to work on, and it took me an entire night to create and edit quotes based on their submission. Some of the amazing entries are getting featured here. And remember, these are not ranked. Just listed. So enjoy what we baked with some juice because you know.

Let's collaborate broadcast message on Instagram


Collab #1

with Syed Sibtain

Collab #2

with Mansur Alam

Collab #3

with Abdullah Shamsi

Collab #4

with ABSter Jansen


Collab #5

with Bonita Lars


Collab #6

with Mu’sab Ahmad

Collab #7

with Jay Gabucan

Collab #8

With Noora Lek

Also, read the poem here.

Collab #9

with Wordsmatter

Thanks to these thinkers for participating in this collaboration. Follow them on Instagram if you haven’t.

There’s no greater pleasure than reading. Have fun.

Ah, drop comments whenever you can.

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