I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was 12 years old and was doing what other twelve years old kids would do, smoking and hanging out with my punters.Why we cannot see ghosts? Truth revealed

The Story

I was in seventh grade at that time and participated in summer camp with other cool kids of my class. It was three days, three nights trip somewhere I don’t care to remember. We would play sport and wander freely in the day and would play around the camp fire telling stories and sleep over each other in the night, like some drunk idiots. Or kids.

I remember that night distinctly as I was the scapegoat in a massive conspiracy those knuckleheads knitted for me. For a summer evening, it sure was chilling. It was cold as a tomb that night. But we could not care less, a pack of 10-11 kids. Someone had spread the rumor of an abandoned graveyard nearby, and some of them shat their pants by the news. But I was standing in the braver crowd.

I took the opportunity as a challenge when someone put a bounty over the head of a ghost. Challange was to tag a tomb, in the deepest corner of the graveyard park with an underwear. Silly kids.

Of course, the graveyard was not abandoned, I could see the light at one end, but I decided to keep the information to myself.

I was the first (and only) one to do the challenge. Walk through the dead people and put an underwear on the tomb of last one. Disrespecting enough, we were just kids. So, before I could start my journey, a cold breeze went by enough to shake a bunch of twelve years old boys like withered leaves.

They decided to leave; it was a foolish quest after all. But I was determined. Fear of the dead was least of my concerns. I did not believe in ghost.

I surely do now. Evidence speaks.

Why we cannot see ghosts?


I decided to walk in the graveyard. Sure, I was scared a little bit, but more of stray dogs than of stray souls. And as I walked, I swear I could hear some weird noises, like someone is breathing behind my neck. Breathing heavily, as I started walking with brisk steps.


There was no one behind me. As I walked deeper into the park, weird things began to happen. I suddenly felt weight around my calves as if the gravity was more intense than everywhere else there. I could hear bats giggling and screeching. It became harder and harder to walk deeper into the nursery. But I managed to follow the light I saw from outside the park.

Soon enough although, I realized no bulb or lamp was hanging inside anywhere. The light was coming across the graveyard fences. It was abandoned, indeed. Suddenly hair on the back of my neck got cold and stood up straight. I could feel the goosebumps on my arms too. It was not supposed to be this cold.

Why we cannot see ghosts?

The Theory of the Eighth color

I’ve talked about this before, read that entire theory in detail there. To sum up that article, the human can only see some of all colors (in easier words), and there are many things around us that we cannot see.

Maybe ghost of past or impressions of future. Spooky isn’t it?

So, ghosts, in my science, fall into the domain of this “eighth color” and thus invisible to us. But are ghosts real?

Well, that’s discussion is for some another day, but I’ll throw a hint at you: YES!, they are.

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