Do you like playing Gameboy games like Pokemon Fire Red or Emerald Green or some PlayStation 2/3 games like Assasin’s Creed or WWE Smackdown? Do you want to know, how to play console games on your PC or Android.

Well, this is a guide you need to read, 5 minutes for hours of fun every day?

Note: I do not promote playing console games on PC illegally using emulators, this guide is for educational purpose only.

What would you need

  1. Emulator of the console, you need to simulate. There’s a website called “Emulator Zone”, just google it or click here.
  2. You need a Rom for the game you wish to play. There’s website where you can download roms for free and there are thousands of them! (Rom is just a fancy word for game, noobs). Download Roms here.
  3. A PC or an Android phone.


How to play the game?

Just download the emulator and open it. Set your controller if needs to be. And load from the menu and it is done. Some emulators are hard to setup (like PSP and PS3).

These emulators were initially developed to test the games but there are now used by geeks all over the world.

You can also search for emulators you like on Android’s Play Store. But in my experience, playing on PC is much smoother. But you can enjoy some lightweight games on your portable device.

Read how advanced are we when we talk about technology.

My personal favorite emulator is Gameboy Advance which is absolutely free to download and there are hundred of roms available for you to play. Some emulators like PSX (PlayStation Emulator) needs bios to run. You need to own a console for that. But of course, since it is downloadable, you can get a bios for free online (I am not suggesting you that) and load that bios like you would do to a rom.

Hope this blog helped you if you’re new to gaming.

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