I remember writing this poem about 8 years ago (2012). It was the first poem I ever made. Although I was shy at first, never wanting anyone to see what I write, I finally published it online. For a 17 years old kid, I was not very smart. I made many mistakes, but did I deserve the sadness? It was the question I would ask myself every night before I sleep. Enjoy “In the hope.”

In the Hope

In the hope

In the hope, which we mourn

Goodness is murdered brutally

And yearning to live is gone

Days do pass by, nights still are long

In heart our evil lives and darkness: it is born

In the hope, which we mourn

When it rains, sadness pours from beyond

Darkness overheads until our path are lone,

Then we wish for warmth and the bond

We find nothing, tears are now grown

Blindfolded with false happiness

In the hope, which we mourn

Rees Gargi

I had lost hope several times, tried to find peace with myself.

In reality, feeling weak and useless is very common nowadays. I am not the only person who needs encouragement and inspiration. For someone, it’s the hardships of life; and for others, it can be a chemical imbalance. Anyone suffering should find peace and live a happy life nonetheless.

It’s a writer’s job to make words out of everything: the thing that cannot be expressed otherwise. Words no picture can paint and emotions that would touch your soul.

As many elders told me, I am (was) too young to think about this mental-chaos; to liven up a bit and stop worrying about the reality of this cruel world.

How could I be happy if there was no hope and no light of love?


I found happiness and the reason for it to be present in my heart. And, I learned that the world is what we see, and it is what we make out of it.

I learned to smile and to rise as a guy who believes in the world. There’s hope. It will always be.

PS. The painting in this poem is called “After the Deluge.”
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Hope is very easy to be found but hard to be contained, and no matter how bad things are happening for us, hope can bring lights even in the darkest of the caves. Have a lovely day.


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