A not-so-hard poem about a sleep-deprived me. Sometimes, it’s hard to fall asleep, regardless of the tired body. Our restless mind sometimes wanders, and instead of fighting it, I use the time to create poems like this. 3 hours’ sleep is enough. Right?

Lost Soul

Last night I slept at half-past four

Couldn’t sleep while my three brothers snored

I stared at the ceiling which reminded me of sky

Like jolly daylight, moonlit our room bright

I thought of having a dream as I sleep

Lucid to be, I’d like demons to creep

They would not scare me, I’ve seen enough dark

Cold as coldest winters, days fierce and stark

I would like to be scared though; I really need some sleep

How Am I supposed to wake up early, if I don’t stay in my kip

I stood up, emptied snacks into a bowl

Felt too random, curious, anxious, have I lost my soul?


I try to wake up early, and I try to make it out

with a blurred vision, I would see, I would hear sound that loud

Then I would put on my glasses, to see the world as it should seem

with a stiff back, I would stretch, nature again would look so mean

I’ve seen good times and bad too, but I never have seen the best yet

my days would pass by as I, climb up or fall back


I don’t laugh or cry much, I feel very emotionless

I’ve always helped as much as I could but never heard that one yes

I think God looks after us, or as this was what I used to think

but this is one possibility, and so is that God does not exist

Like this, my day would pass by and as I would go to sleep

And time would go fly till past four, and I would still not even blink.

Rees Gargi


Just a simple poem, in which I expressed my heart and the story of “how I got fat last summer,” which, to be frank, many of my dearest friends have been asking. So yes, I empty the bowl of snacks every night, I am sleep deprived, and my day job includes sitting on a desk for 6 hours straight. Anyways, for reasonable and logical stuff, follow my Instagram/Facebook @reesgargi

I include a healthy diet and a good workout routine now; for a sound mind, you need a healthy functional body.


Lost Soul

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