I was not much into poetry when I first penned down this poem. In fact, this was my second poem, among many I have written. This is about a woman under a dilemma. We all fight for our own battles sometimes. But this woman, in the poem, has two choices under the circumstances. She can panic and run like a normal person would do, or she can just sit, enjoy some mild music and her cup of tea. It’s a war going on for god’s sake!
Type: Melodrama, Tragedy, Feminism

Melody O’ Whit by Rees Gargi

​Fancy a black tea in the hammock,
wore in velvet gown and fedora
with a mild sound of virginal,
tore she red sock, lit the menorah

she is a woman of Christian,
and her father was a jew
murdered he many men for religion,
But she enjoyed her tea like few

she knows she would die alone,
just the like she was born
all the troubles and one of wit,
she drinks tea, melody o’ whit

her smile as innocent as a child,
but she is none like religious gits
she knows better to enjoy the state,
so she drinks tea, melody o’ whit


Her brother turned to Islam,
but he cried the name of Ram
stabbed and hanged in the east,
name of Quran uncomely crimped
politics raised with a mask of a skit,
she drinks tea, melody O’ whit

families some are cramped in a box,
families others own heaviest rocks
no one lives religious but divide,
lives in false happiness and fake pride

but the world is heavily biased,
name of God dragged to a sham
she is powerless lest many throats slit,
So she just drinks tea, melody O’ whit

by Rees Gargi

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