The Prologue

Hills of Desperation

Two men are walking down the road. It’s almost midnight, and they know they had have done something terrible. Something unforgivable. Something for which their souls would be tormented and tortured in hell. They just don’t feel sorry for that, as money is good, and crime is more profound than that – everyone knows.


“Do you reckon Mancer would reward us for that? We overdid this time,” said the slightly larger man as the other kept chewing his teeth.


“Come on, Beef, Mancer has done worse than this, and of course, he would reward us. We are the best assassins in the city and Mancer values that” said the other man confidently.

“Blimey Pete, level your voice, it’s midnight, and you’re gonna get us in trouble.” Both walked through a residential street.

They both have plans for the eighty grand they are promised to receive after the job that they overdid.

Beef wanted to quit thug and get on with his life. His guts were disgusted. And Pete would keep saying that he’d fuck whores and empty the barrels of whiskey once he gets his forty thousand pounds.

They still have 4 miles to walk, and it’s already 2 past midnight. They are quiet now. Even the darkest of humans couldn’t talk much after killing an infant, but Pete was not a human. He always wished to rule the streets since he was a teenager and has murdered people before. Beef is not comfortable talking about it. He always used to mention his tales from London and how he would punish those who would dare to upset him. He was a badass. But Pete would joke about his masculinity as he was not even able to kill someone when he had the chance.


They have reached the main door of Bronz Villa. Following the narrow streets of Azuryll, this house looked like a giant pearl shining in a swamp. Made of marble, the villa shone in the moonlight. It has a large swimming pool, greater than most of the villa, and behind it, dwelling stood on a hill. A lighthouse alongside which seemed abandoned. The rocky shores stopped the waves hitting it harsh and making loud noises that can only calm restless souls.

The large gates are now sliding and two big sized men, greater than Beef, appears wearing suit and tie.

Azuryll was a city dying of poverty, and someone has managed to build such luxury from that. One of the men, hard to tell which one, they both looked very similar, stepped forward and asked Pete for something. Pete showed him a mark on his wrist and said the secret code. They both are now allowed in this giant mansion.


Beef always wondered why Mancer would need such a large swimming pool, there was an entire sea behind the villa. But today his mind is occupied, he has killed people before, but it was different this time.

As they walked past the swimming pool, towards the main entrance of the house, a woman comes to escort them inside into the lobby. Stood there, a man. The man has a look on his face, a look that might harm the ego of most men. Pride can be seen on his face with sharp features. He is more beautiful than most Prince has ever been. With an expensive cigar clung tight to his lips, he muttered something in the left ear of that woman, which upon hearing, disappeared from the sight of Beef and Pete.

“Mancer, we did what you told us to do. You owe us money,” Pete said with a false sounding American accent.

“I am not seeing any child in your arms,” said Mance, calmly.

“He died with his mother. We are fucking assassins, not some kidnap agency,” said Pete, still carrying a lot of confidence in his voice.

“I told you to kill the woman and bring me the child.”


“We lost the child, the woman tried to defend her baby, and he fell from the 4th story. We could not do anything, Mancer,” said Beef apologetically.

“You killed the child.”

“Aye, we did. So what fucker. You are not our boss. You hired us to kill, and we made the kill. Pay us, or else you would lose the good faith of the Blackmen brothers.” Pete is now spitting words out.

Mancer, glaring towards the two men of the Blackmen brothers.

“Beef, what you told Zera about your kills in London and America.”

Beef is a smart guy, he predicted his imminent death. “I…I did not, I killed two men in London in close combat and murdered one old man in Chicago, I am sorry Lord Mancer, this guy here is nonsense, please forgive us for our wrong and this foul’s profanity”.

“You can leave Beef. Tell Jaguar, Blackmen are not allowed in Azuryll, and if any is spotted after the next morning, I will diminish this godforsaken band of thugs myself, lost now” Mance, sounding calm still draws a blade from his sleeves.

NOTE: "Hills of Desperation" is a part of "Demon with Emotions" series and although order of reading is not important, I suggest readers to read "Fighter Mike" before this one. The books are under development and I will provide chapters for beta reading here. I hope to publish at least one of these books by end of this year. You can support me on Patreon; or follow on my social profiles to keep me motivated. Messages and comments are highly appreciated as well.

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Hills of Desperation Cover Draft
Draft Cover of “Hills of Desperation”; all rights reserved to Rees Gargi (Hills of Desperation and other consequent books on Demon with Emotions)

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