I was writing my diary for the day, and while pointing out my “life choices” to me, I wrote down some points to help cope up with my depression. I had it green flagged by my imaginary friend Robert so I thought, let’s share it! So here are 13 Realistic habits to save you from depression and sadness, and help you lead a happy life:

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Well, before I start, there’s a book I would recommend to you. It’s from our favorite author Paulo Coelho and it is a best seller: Veronika decides to die. This book inspired a lot of me lately and there’s a thing that is very different about this book: It is relatable in great ways.

And also, I don’t have any imaginary friends (Not anymore, since Alka killed Robert and now she is in a prison located in a remote town).

Eliminate Redundancy

The first point is the hardest probably and that’s why I put it at first. Now try to read word by word, and say goodbye to sadness.

Redundancy means extra. Eliminate all the “extras” from your life. Whether it’s a kind of work, a person, a video game or whatever. You always have at least one thing that you might feel great emotional importance for, or maybe it might come handy later if not now.

Just drop it.

eliminate redundancy - get rid of depression and sadness

However, some people (categorized as “clumsy” and “slob” in the dictionary of my kind of people) like the things they are: just however it is, but you waste a lot of your energy and brain power over something that is not even important. There is a TV in your room, but you watch Netflix on your laptop. Who needs a TV? Maybe someone who lives couple blocks away but can’t afford thousands of bucks on this luxury. Maybe you can sell it and help that guy while making some extra gandhis.

Don’t trust me? take every successful human being as an example and you’ll see.

(Every successful, not every materialistic rich person)

Optimistic Life Scheme

Now, there are many people who supposedly live a good life by staying negative throughout their life. I would ask you if someone like that came to you.

No one can stay happy by spreading sadness. Period.

optimistic life scheme - get rid of depression and sadness
That’s two very good choices

There are sadistic people, who like to see the world burning as they turn their paranthas over it, but no, they are far from being happy. They don’t understand the true meaning of happiness and often live in delusion and die with a lot of regrets and sadness in their hearts. Unless someone kills them before, of course.


Keep it minimal

If you think you are productive because there live a million tabs open in your browser, then sir: you are wrong. You are far from productive. Yes, maybe you are a workaholic who likes things fast but I announce this loud: Fast doesn’t mean cluttered. Multitasking is a non-sense.

Yes, your mother is a multi-tasking legend perhaps, but don’t ever compare yourself to a housewife. For a normal person like me and you, multitasking is dangerous. I mean, it sounds more productive, doesn’t it? but it often is NOT.

keep it minimal - get rid of depression and sadness
ittu sa

We are humans, not a smartphone.

Write down a list of tasks you want to accomplish in a given time frame, do it one-by-one. That’s the key.


Work Hard

Now, there is no rocket science in this. Work hard. It’s as simple as it sounds. People often are afraid of being dragged into hard work. But if you are working hard with a mindset and a definite goal, it is a step in your life for happiness.

If you are working hard to provide for your family, you probably don’t need any more reasoning.

Learning a new language? Work hard.
Reading a book? Work hard.
Finding a store to buy contraceptives? Work hard.

work hard - get rid of depression and sadness
hard working is sexy

Sometimes we lose patience and go in without a raincoat, but it’s always better to be thorough in whatever quest you are on.

Just remember your hustle, and stay busy doing everything you can for the goodness in the life of yours and to people you love.


Follow a diet and exercise regularly

This is another one of hardest tasks which seem as easy as it sounds.

Exercise? Yeah anyone can do it to some level.
Diet? sounds good to me, I am starting that tomorrow!


It is not easy and probably the reason for depression for most of us.
A good diet includes all essential vitamins, good amount of protein and fat and lots and lots of water. It does not include the food we city people consume all the time: concentrated sweets (like jalebi), processed food (like bread) and fried food (like a samosa) but we forget the health once their aromas reach our mouth and they reach our stomach.

Follow diet and exercise regularly - get rid of depression and sadness
See who’s talking


Now, it’s okay to eat that once in a while, but so is a good workout.

What I recommend: if you’re a geek like me, follow Health app in your iPhone or Fit app in your Android and walk at least 10,000 steps in a day. If you are a free soul, just stay active throughout the day and avoid sedentary time as much as possible.

Eliminate bad habits

Smoking, recreational drugs and alcohol tops in my list of bad habits. Late night snacks, too much video games, smartphone-in-toilet addiction follows that.

Bad habits are bad for a reason. And should be eliminated from your life as soon as possible. Sometimes, when a person is depressed, they seek to resolve in smoking or alcohol or other bad activities to keep their mind off for a while. But, it never works as one might expect.

Eliminate Bad Habits - get rid of depression and sadness
Learn something from this little girl. And grow wings!

Addiction is another thing, and there is no teaching that to you. You are smart enough to know the consequences. I am talking about the things these bad habits are supposed to do but fail with a long shot.

Smoking never helps with treatment of depression, and I can testify that myself. Alcohol makes things even worse, that’s why you never see someone suffering from depression sober night-time. If they take alcohol, it’s all the time.

Replace bad habits with good ones. Feeling sad and lonely? Turn off the lights and watch a horror movie, I bet you won’t feel lonely anymore.

On a serious note though, everything is replaceable. EVERYTHING.


Follow Dreams

Everyone has a safe place. And if you’re busy most of the times, you might not even think about that place but secretly visit in your dreams with your consciousness sleeping snoring.

That place, where everything is peaceful and calm and you’re just relaxing, smiling with no worries and no sadness.

Follow Dreams - get rid of depression and sadness
Sherlock had a mind palace, I have a mind campfire 🙂

For me, that place is an underground lake by a cave. Although the lake is underground, you can see the shadow of the crescent moon in the crystal clear water. There are fireflies dancing around the bonfire you set just outside the cave. There are people inside the cave and I could hear as if they are celebrating something. Perhaps life itself. But it still is so calm, I swear I feel the might

of God in myself: calm and peaceful, yet powerful and generous.

And once I am done staring in the shallowness of the lake and soaking my feet, I would run and chase after those fireflies. Those fireflies, are my dream.

So if you have dreams, go after them. There’s no harm in being a little bit crazy. This world is your oyster after all.


Create things

Everyone is an artist.

Regardless of particular skills, one can learn, everyone has a special creative talent. One can cook tasty gourmet meals, one can draw funny cartoons, one can compose funky tune while humming, one can craft eye-favoring origami (or paper planes). My point is, everyone has at least one creative trade.

Find that one skill and hone it. You’d be encouragingly happy and depression would seem distant boat to you.

As for me, I am very curious since childhood. So I developed a variety of creative skills like cartooning, music, rapping and making marijuana joints (I am kidding mom).

Socialize effectively

I used the word effectively. Everone socializes in one way or another. Even so-called introverts have a way to stay in touch with the world around them. But you have to socialize effectively for it to work in your benefit.

Socialize with people who share some good characteristics with you. For example, if you love playing badminton, join a sports club and play badminton. Make a friend or few there. Try to connect with new people, every-day.

Learn about a person, but don’t get attached to them emotionally. Believe in short talks, they are life-altering conversations. Talk to your uber driver, talk to your kitchen maids, talk to rickshaw-pullers, smile often to people and greet with a kind “hello” (for example: to someone sharing an elevator with you). But try not to creep out or irritate strangers. A smile is the best escape from troublesome situations.

Make a girlfriend/boyfriend. And share the goodness with them. If you find it hard to find a partner, don’t get desperate. Ask your friends to hook you up with someone. You’ll find someone on the way along.

Keep yourself away from bad company and people who spit poisons for others. Keep people who gossip at bay. And try not to gossip yourself, you are not to judge anybody to enjoy life with others: that’s the golden rule.

Watch Movies

I watch movies A LOT. Almost three new movies every week. Sometimes when I am working and need a distraction, I rewatch some light-comedy films. But it doesn’t have to be a movie. It can be Anime (Believe it), and Cartoons(Anime is not cartoon).

TV shows like Friends, Breaking Bad and Sherlock are great too. (Keep yourself away from shows like desperate housewives, The Simpsons, Big Brother etc)

The main reason these type of entertainment is good for is, they don’t last long. But are enough to drive you into another world, away from your worries and might leave you with some moral to live the day by. Avoid watching movies late night, because you’ll forget the excitement the very next day.

Be Financially secure

Even if you’re a jolly, no money in the bank means a definite struggle if not a pitiful life as you’d call it.
Always make sure you have enough to sustain through a good amount of time. Always keep working for money. A job is not always bad as they are bad-publicized in mainstream media and social networks. In fact, if you don’t want to go insane, find work. Work keeps some motivation lit.

And it’s always better to afford things, you know.

Read Books

This one might not work for everyone, but it should. Get a book from a library or some of your literate friend. Try to go through that book if you’re not a regular reader. If you find yourself impatient or there is not enough time in the day to read a book, then you’re leaning towards depression.

When you read a book (fiction), you’re not only living a story in shoes of someone else but also giving some time for self-appreciation. It is a type of meditation. Although, since you’re already reading this, and have gone through 1884 words already: I will assume you read fiction already. Avoid romantic novels created after 1980 though, they’re all bull.

Learn new skills

Learn how to sail, or how to skin a rabbit.

Learning something new brings freshness in routine life. Learn a new language and enjoy songs from a completely different culture. Watch Spanish movies in Spanish, read Japanese books in Japanese. It’s so satisfying, you’ll know when you do it.

Life can be lived in many ways. No two people are same in this world. Depression is just lack of that life and it can be dealt with (unless it’s a medical condition, which requires care but is still can be dealt with).

I hope you found a new light because somehow I had to find mine, by writing this, another casual blog article.

Good day