Indian culture is rich, and if you’re an Indian, you already must be proud enough to tell the tales of deep and profound Indian culture. And to add icing on this cake, most of the Indian myths are based on reliable scientific facts. Read 5 Health benefits of gold.

1. Blood Circulation

Gold helps in blood circulation. There is a reason it is suggested for Hindu brides to wear gold on their wedding day and later in their marriage life. The entire Hindu bride attire makes sense when you take the matter to the science level. Due to the heavy workload put on women in Indian communities, health problems arises starting from their 30s.

However, the gold ornament can aid in health benefits by circulating the blood in a regular and controlled manner. But it’s still not enough for most women as they suffer from imbalanced blood pressure and other problems related to blood and veins.

And when blood is correctly regulated throughout the body, the temperature remains consistent, and other health problems like fever and cold are seen less in women who wear gold. It’s a good idea to wear it if you’re suffering from chickenpox or measles for this same reason. It strengthens our immune system.

2. Mental Problems

Your brain is active all the time. It never rests. That means it needs proper care, including hydration, exercise, and blood circulation.

We’ve already talked about blood circulation, I’ll not put more words into it. When blood is circulated correctly, your brain becomes vitalized and functions better. If you have pierced ears, you can get some earrings to keep you cool.

3. Energy Flow

If you’ve read my theories on ghosts, you already know how energy flows in our body. There’s a central point (located at body mass, which is generally either chest or abs). It distributes energy continuously and uniformly throughout our body, and we call that point chakra. Six other main chakras function accordingly. One chakra is located in your head that absorbs nature energy and other chakras that transmit this energy to your central nervous system. Gold can ease the process. However, I don’t have proper evidence to support my theory, and I can definitely be wrong on this. 

Gold is insoluble and can absorb and retain energy like a capacitor. You can try it yourself. If you meditate, try to do it with a gold necklace around your neck next time and see the difference.

4. Effect on water

Gold water strengthens the nervous system, it improves memory and increases stamina. It is also beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Heal Body

There are chai companies like Tata tea gold and Taj Mahal Gold that uses the word gold in their brand name for a reason. Gold has natural healing properties that are known by ancient Asian civilizations long before anyone could ever imagine.

Disclaimer: Metals like gold are essential for our body in small amounts. But an increased amount, and they become toxic. I'd not recommend you to follow the suggestions provided in this article if you suffer metal allergy of any sort. Consult a real physicist (not on the Internet) if needs be.

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