Is iPhone worth buying?

I have been an apple user since a good amount of time. I started off with a MacBook Pro for my development purposes. Yes, it’s was expensive but I wanted the best. So I spent a lot of money and Got this laptop. Mac is fast, there is no denying that.

That’s how pdf files are transferred, noobs.

A year later, I purchased my first iPhone, completing the first step to obtain an apple ecosystem. If you ask me: yes, it’s great and amazing. Apple indeed is something.

But at what cost.

So is it?

People around me see me as a tech-guy because of my educational background in computer science, but other than development, I don’t understand much of IT.

I mean, I’ve never noticed a difference between a 2GB Rammed Android phone with another of 3GB Ram. Yes, internal storage was an issue but thanks to Google and Marshmallow Android OS, you can use an external memory card to store everything including apps in your little android minx.

Yes, every tech expert says ios and Apple OS combines amazingly both hardware and software technology for an astounding user experience. But another day, I was browsing through my brother’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I was like, why…

Why am I using iPhone?

Apple is way too costly and unless you’re into showing off your broken screen device (as you cannot probably afford a 22,000 repair every-time there is a scratch on it), it is way too redundant.

I bought my second iPhone soon later, used it for almost 4 months before my earbuds stopped responding from left piece leaving the right piece with a meaningless life.

I knew it in my heart that apple care would not replace it, bought a Bluetooth headpiece (BoAt) and visited the only premium apple care center in the 9th ranked biggest metropolitan city in this world, New Delhi. And, too much to my surprise, they did not even have a good look at my earbuds before denying my replacement order.

I’ve heard the tales of good services Apple offers to its kidney-less clients but I think all those services died with Steve Jobs in 2011.

So, if you have lots of money you would like to burn, I’d suggest buy an apple device. Because for 60k you can get an iWatch. Because, Time.

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