What is fun?

What is best may not be better for your own good.

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Easy-going people are not easily tormented. They often find the shortcut out of the toughest of situations. But one thing we don’t know about these “Easy-going” people is that there is a world of fantasy they live in.

Either that or they are just incredibly shallow (from the beliefs of narrow minds).
And once you pull them out of their little fantasies, you would see the danger behind those eyes you once admired to be so cool.
So, what is fun and what that has to do with our easy-going human beings?

What is fun?

People have different reasons for the way they live their lives. You cannot put everyone’s reasons in the same box.

Kevin Spacey

Personally, for me, fun means sitting by a fireplace, with a light sound of pouring rain on the glass window, with some occasional thunder, the family sitting in the lobby, watching TV, or doing something of activity sort. A cup of tea for my lips and a futon for my foot while I read a good long book or watch a good movie.

But fun is not limited to that. That is just me being lazy and relaxing.
I also like cricket. For me playing the game on the field or in computer games is fun as well.

Now, given that I don’t have a fireplace, and the place where I live doesn’t see much rain. I don’t have a family nearby, and I have to make my own tea.
I don’t have friends who like cricket that much, and there is no cricket club around me.

Does that mean I can’t have fun?

Well, of course, I can. And you’d second my conclusion, I highly doubt otherwise. But the sad part of life is, we don’t enjoy ourselves if some of our expectations of fun are not met.

Enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure.

Highest voted definition of Fun online

Everyone seeks fun every now and then. It’s easiest for easy-going people. Relatively easy for ordinary people like I and extremely hard for most of our population of paranoid, angry, despaired, and lost people.

Now, it was a poor choice of words to describe dull people. But let’s be honest with them, there is a certain level of fun in aggression, being mean, inflicting pain to self and others, and level of activities for someone under the label of a “Sadist.”
Oh, Rees! Why are you so extreme on this!

The more amount of love a person is capable of, easier is for him to hate with that much of compassion

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what is fun
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Relevant Meaning

In science, time is irrelevant in outer space. Yes, we need time in equations to do our calculations and astronomy; but in the vast scope of indefinite physics and extra-terrestrial unknown to us, time is not relevant. Not by a big shot.

The answer to “What gibberish does that mean” is in some other article in my blog.

But my point is, our time is not constrained. Our existence is purely timeless. Your dreams that seemingly are more or less than a single night actually happen to your brain within a matter of seconds. Our brain process those dreams so fast, they appear to last several hours, days, or even months.

In one night, we see many, many, and believe me or not, we see as much as five to seven dreams in one single night.

We remember some, we don’t most.

And the dreams we remember are combined into one vague dream (mega dream) where we ride a horse in the pacific ocean in our underwear and a sword hanging to the G-string.

We don’t know the time of our death, because there is none.

You can die at this very moment, as you read this article thingy.

And the fun fact here is that you don’t even realize how much time you do waste not-having-fun.

We look for the right moment, which for most of us, never arrives. Because time is a man-made concept to simplify physics, and it doesn’t exist in reality.

You’re 23 years old? Zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

You just managed to survive while earth rounded sun 23 times, since the “Time” you were born.

Now, I am not saying that time is hypothetical hence not a good thing. Time simplified our lives, and much more. But it also managed to drag us into a limited area of thinking. We think everything contained in that tiny slot of our brain where we calculate each and every step in time accordance.

We look for the time to have fun.

Think about it, give me your valuable feedback and I am sure to re-write this article more clearly and positively not with my eyes closed in a dead sleep.


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PS. I wrote this at 4am, with one eye closed and other half-shut in demanding sleep.

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