Flickering snow is a poem about a heartbroken human being. He has been through storm and thunders, but his love never wavered. And upon being shattered by the person he loved, he doubted his own self-worth. His flickering snow was the avalanche, he just did not know. If you ever feel that you are not sufficient, remember; no one is supposed to be adequate. We are flawed, we are humans, but we are not less. Have a good time.

I would like to know how it feels to grow,
with life so good and company above
I would like to see how it feels to be,
the love exists in the heart of yours
I would like to hear the sound of breath,
when I put my head on the chest of yours
but maybe I would not be able to taste,
your flame with my flickering snow

You picked me up when I was fragile as glass
was already broken when you cast me far
you fixed me well, you made me strong
You left me then, again broken and alone

I wish I knew if you loved me at all
You lifted my spirits, then threw me down
You killed the dead, before shining him light
And just gave up on me, left without a fight

I wish you loved me, I wish you do
If ever you did, I wouldn’t have let you go
But I guess it’s my fate, to that I bow
to your farewell, my flickering snow.

Rees Gargi

A Reasonable Guy
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