This is a subsequent poem to “Flickering Snow.” Never Born is about a heartbroken person who waits for his paramour’s return call after a seeming break-up. She left him without any closure, and that’s frustrating and painful. He tries to overcome the overwhelming feeling of sadness. Read Never Born with Rees Gargi.

(7 days after she left me, I became depressed)

I waited for her message, I sat through all night,
suddenly we just gave up, not even had a fight
I gazed that screen, wore my blurred vision,
as time passed by, season by season
Cold ears, red eyes,
I just screamed; inside
I cried to see her text, just one more time,
I never thought I was that kind of a guy

(After a few days, she updated her profile picture. A little less depressed as I sat in a park to enjoy the full moon)

Sat on a bench, dark of the night,
I loved the moon, I loved the sight
I smoked, seeing the clouds slide,
the sky was gray like this beautiful life

Life this world has, vehemence flowing through veins,
If the sky was not a living being, why would it stay so strange

But then, I would see silver scars on my moon,
which seems to smile upon this lovestruck fool
as I salute him with my smirky blew,
to be honest, I need love, I am desperate for you

But it’s alright if you finally left me,
I hope to become better for someone who will need me
I have heard life is alive if some love is shown,
Does that mean it’d be dead if we were never born

(Later that night, as I finally let her leave my mind for a while. Feeling teary but satisfied)

I would walk in the park, I could still feel the chill,
in the wintery breeze, I can almost love this shrill
I’ve no regrets, maybe I am too young to carry one,
I’ll be grateful to the father. I’ll always be one obedient son

And I’ll spend an eternity on seeing this sky,
and probably would never be known
Would life be the same, if I was never born

Rees Gargi

Post Scriptum: What does not kill you, only make you strong. Stay strong.


A Reasonable Guy

Never Born Poem Rees Gargi