Do you like fictional stories? Well, this one is not. Josh is a 26 years old banker from Minnesota, and after saving up for his dream trip to India, he decides to put his regular mundane life on hold and experience something more significant. Little did he know, demons were waiting for his arrival. Read Encountering Ghosts in India – Chapter 1 with Rees Gargi.


It was the time when Josh decided to travel across the country known for its spiritual background, India. He always wanted to see the beauty with his own eyes. Internet would never do justice to such a cultural phenomenon, he ponders as he books his flight to New Delhi.

After getting his currency converted into Indian Rupees, he would move into a hotel in Karol Bagh, central Delhi. His journey from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Connaught Place was not as exciting as his flight. This time of the year is often filled with a rush in Indian Airports. Unsure of this fact and its authenticity as it was stated by, what looked like a drunk Taiwanese man, Josh simply enthused about the traffic and massive numbers of vehicles as seen from the airplane window seat, as he and his Manipuri seat-neighbor arrived India.

Encountering Ghosts in India - Part 1/4

Josh knew about the humidity and hot weather, and he came prepared for it. The back pocket of his shorts carried a sunscreen and some aloe vera gel. He once visited Texas, but compared to this Delhi heat, it was nothing. And it’s not even June.

Josh tried to talk with his cab driver as they moved past around, what looked like a massive sculpture of a monkey with weird-looking mace… “or hammer it is,” Josh said with a loud whisper.

“This is Hanuman and its Gada,” said the cab driver, feeble-looking but with dense hair under his nose. “We Hindus worship him.”

Josh was confused and amused at the same time. He was expecting this. These people worship cows., why wouldn’t they revere a monkey, he thought with a grin.

Lord Hanuman
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“Jai Hanuman,” chanted the cab driver as the traffic light around the almighty idol turned green, and the Uber crawled forward.

After this general knowledge session on Hinduism, nothing of particular interest met expectations of Josh. Hot Evening, screaming and yelling crowd, crawling cars in traffic jam accompanied by aggressive honking, the smell of dirt and dung and glaring-eyes-smiling-lips of little men as if they have never seen a white person before.

Josh was already tired, which was unusual for him, even after a long flight. But he couldn’t think much now as he settled his suitcase, untied his kicks and jumped straight into his bed. For the day he had in India so far, he was expecting a dirty compartment for a room, but to his amazement, he had never stayed in such a nice hotel room before.

Even his growling stomach could not convey him to call the hotel kitchen and order dinner. He never felt this much fatigue. Was it a change in climate? Unsure, he slowly closed his eyes, thinking about getting breakfast first thing in the morning. It is weird. Why can’t he move his body out of bed? He tries to open his eyes but falls into slumber as soon as he could think about screaming because he knew at that moment: he was dying!

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