Encountering Ghosts in India – Chapter 1 (Part 3)

Do you like fictional stories? Well, this one is not. After spending twenty-four hours in one of the most crowded cities in the world, he never expected it, but Josh has finally met his doom, or has he? Read Encountering Ghosts in India – Part 3/4 with Rees Gargi.

This is chapter 1.3 of the story “Encountering ghosts in India.”
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“Hey, I asked you something, close your bloody mouth.”

“Josh?” Rob Continues, “Hey, hey, hey!” and Rob tries his best to contain him, but Josh couldn’t help but scream. He screamed like he’d never before. This was the scream due when he supposedly was dying.

It was until Rob punched his neck to knock him down. The screaming stopped, but everyone, including the busy people crowding the street, gaped with shock. What was happening there?

“You don’t need to worry. My friend is crazy”, Rob remarked with a nervous laugh before carrying Josh on shoulders and walking through the front door.

Was it a dream again, what the hell is happening. “I should have never…”, yelped Josh who was now laid on the bed, “what the…” he felt the pain in his throat.

Look what have you done, Rob slammed a TV Remote on Josh.

“Argh…”, my throat. What did you do?

“I punched it, you ungrateful arse,” Rob still seemed angry. And why not, he made him look like a scoundrel in front of everyone. He then points towards a muted television, which reads in the headlines:

A white man abducted by another white man in broad daylight.

“Now we have to stay in the shadows, which is not easy apparently. Not many ‘white’ guys in this new haven, are there?” gutted Rob angrily.

“Who are you?” asked Josh unnerved.

“Still in grade one, eh?”

“What is going on, who are you, and what do you want with me?”

After a moment of silence, Rob begins, “Alright mate, it’s not your fault after all, maybe.

“See, I am a ghost hunter. I find them, I trap them and then release them into the wild if they promise to behave. Otherwise, I keep them in these little bottles”, he said, drawing a little test-tube-shaped bottle from his side pocket of the jacket.

He continued, “See, this little bottle is empty. I do this for a living”.

Josh, trying to understand every word, “but you look so young. And shaved, unlike those bearded old tantric gypsies.”

“Hey, thanks,” said Rob with a false blush. “But you asked the wrong question. See, I am living in Bengal for quite some time following this particular spirit. And now she is here.

“I make my living off this nasty business, but this spirit means more than money to me, it would be my biggest hit. She belongs in the Abyss, and every soul that escaped the hell is priceless for people like me”.

“Abyss can’t be real. Oh, so you’re …”

“Shut up, you barmy pest,” Rob interrupted before Josh could continue and went on, “Abyss is a place where bad spirits are punished, it is not a star galaxy, but it is necessary to contain that sort of evil.”

“This spirit escaped the hell somehow last year. For her time-space, it’s been almost a week, and she needs a body to permanently set herself in our world.”

Josh looked confused, Rob continued, “I am not the only one following her tracks, there are more like me. But I believe no one, but I can stop her. She is not your everyday demon.”

Everyday demon? This is insane, he is insane – Josh thought.

“Last night, I followed her through this hotel. She targetted YOU, Josh.” said Rob poking Josh hard “…And I saved you from HER”. Rob looked almost concerned, “I was going to tell you, but you went all manky and made a scene.”

“Who cleaned the floor last night?” asked Josh. On some level, he believed Rob was just a psycho making this all up in his head. But he cannot let go of some paranormal thoughts in his own head.

“What?” Rob looked him disappointedly, “Oh lord, what’s up with these foolish questions?” Rob held his palms behind his neck as he strolled in the room.

“I cleaned that,” Rob said in a muffled tone with angrily swinging his arms and took long breaths, “I need to calm down.”

“I cleaned that for you, sir,” smiled Rob, false of course, ” See, there was a lot of blood. YOUR blood. I cleaned that all up. I dried the cloth and then burned it in the bathroom. Flushed it down the toilet, snuck in the laundry room, and got your new bedsheets. I was your room service from evil spirits last night, master Josh… what’s your surname?”

Josh was known for his quick wits, but this was not a regular problem for him. “I was wounded. I lost a lot of blood. How in the seven hells am I not dead?”

Suddenly their attention is drawn by a scratching sound on some wooden door in the aisle.

“She is trying to scare us now,” Rob almost laughed. “Stick close, mate, okay?” he opened the door to have a look outside, without hearing what Josh was trying to say.

SHE? Can he sense ghosts now? Is he telling the truth after all? There is an evil demon who wants to possess me? Why me? I want to go home now, screw with this place, I want my old mundane life. It was comforting, at least.

“There is no time to think silly things as such now, Josh. Follow me, I smell something foul up there”.

Josh had it now. He ran through the door and slammed Rob to the wall. “How the fuck you heard my thoughts, who the fuck are you”?

“Let me go, you dimwit,” yelled Rob pushing Josh to the side, making his collar. “Of course you’re full if silly question, they all are when they experience this for the first time,” snarled Rob.

“Oh I want to go home, I want to go back to wifey, What mess I got into, It is better if I just kill myself now” mocked Rob in a childish voice.

“I did not think about killing myself,” said Josh. Confused as ever.

“Oh, thank god! Thank you for telling me that! I am relieved now,” continued Rob with his mocking. “There is a loose ghost. Follow me or get out my face” Rob began walking towards the room where the scratching sound was coming.

Josh sighed, he believed Rob. He could smell the foul stench as well. But he stayed on the spot, waiting for Rob to return.

Suddenly the faint stench grew fetid and closer. Josh could feel the rising hair on his neck, he was scared. He screamed towards Rob, but he could not hear any sound out of his mouth. There was some pain in his throat, perhaps Rob punched it too hard earlier in the day. “Raub!!” He screamed, but again, no voice came out”. Tears start falling down his cheeks as he felt a hand groping on his neck, and he was sure it was not of Rob. “Please, don’t,” he tried to say.

But before he could know it, the spirit started sucking the life right out of him. I don’t want to die here, now… he tried to think. But as if he gave up on life, he just stood there. Hanged loose in the grasp of the spirit.

“Such a drama queen,” he heard Rob and tries to open his shut eyes. Seems like you’re my savior after all- He smiles as he thinks.

Rob is standing in front of him with his one arm towards the ceiling and other with a test tube, facing directly at Josh.

Josh felt the weight of spirit from his skull lifting as if it were being sucked into that tiny bottle, and finally, he fell to his knees, gasping for air. Rob, corking the bottle, smoothly as if just poured whiskey into a glass. Josh could see the sliver of silver smoke in the test-tube. “I, believe,  you,” he panted, wiping the wet from the cheeks.

Encountering Ghosts in India – Part 3/4

This was chapter 1.3 of the story “Encountering ghosts in India.”
Go to the index of this story for all published chapters.