Encountering Ghosts in India – Chapter 1 (Part 4)

Do you like fictional stories? Well, this one is not. After facing his true nightmare sucking in his soul, Josh was certain this time, that he is going to die. The fact that he did not means there is something more than just ghosts and creatures in a horror story. Read Encountering Ghosts in India – Part 4/4 with Rees Gargi.

This is chapter 1.4 of the story “Encountering ghosts in India”.
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Josh is finding it hard to catch up with Rob’s swift and stealth movement in the narrow street. Sometimes there are people, sometimes there are cows.

“Can you walk a little slower?”

“Shut up and keep up” replied Rob with his lips almost closed.

They cannot wear long coats or hoods. It would only raise more suspicion in this hot climate. Only if he had not screamed on Rob the other day, thought Josh.

People are rushing towards the market, an always over-crowded market. Rob walks with no sound, and as if there’s something in his mind, something more abnormal than a loose ghost, anticipated Josh as they crossed a red signal towards the big Hanuman statue.

Josh remembered laughing at this religious body when he first visited the place. Even at this hour of the night, roads are filled with cars; and streets, busy with food-stall vendors and shoppers haggling to street sellers. What is the big idea, asked Josh himself. He knows Rob is on the right side and would save the day, but should he trust him?

“I mean we’re just walking”, said Josh “What is the big idea?”

Rob said nothing and continued walking and pushed aside few passersby. “Hey!” shouted one of them but Rob did not look back. “Emm … sorry”, turned Josh towards them apologizing for Rob. “Keep your eyes forward and don’t stop” Rob commanded.

And they walked.

The humidity was painful, keeping Josh sweaty even after his many failed attempts to keep himself dry. More people means more carbon dioxide in the air, thought Josh randomly. He was never a science guy. Before visiting India, Josh was expecting way more peaceful environment, tastier food, and a good spiritual journey. He got at least two of his wishes fulfilled. There was a spiritual journey: good or bad.

Suddenly someone fetched Josh by his collar and pulled him in a narrow space in a corner no one would notice. “What the…” Josh automatically closed his mouth and did not complete the sentence.

“What are you doing?” It was Rob who pulled Josh by the collar. “I stopped 5 minutes ago, whom do you follow mate?”

Rob somehow judged Josh a little slower on the top floor.

“I ja … just got” stuttered Josh.

“I know it’s a bit… new for you, … and you must be recovering from the ” Rob tried to say trauma next, “… shitwreck, now just get together yourself. Because I am about to get rid of the spirit and the demon once for and all”

“What is shitwreck?” asked Josh with a faint smile on his face.

“You about to kiss me?” Rob is weird as well.

They continued in a stroll, Josh covering his nose with his palm. The stink of the fish bazaar is gross, humidity is playing with the smell in the air. Rob seems to be looking for something and Josh would not dare ask him. There is not much crowd left but the vendors, who are now talking to each other, preparing to wrap up their roadside business for the day.

The weather suddenly turned a bit cold, with lack of people and carbon dioxide, thought Josh. He is not sweating now. Vendor’s stand lights are now fading out, one after the another and night is now turning from gleaming black to pitch black as boys began to walk towards an old building.

“I smell pee”, Josh complained.

They continued to walk slowly as the last vendor and the last source of bright light disappeared into the darkness.

“Moonlight”, smiled Rob for the first time since they began their little journey for ghosthunting.

“It’s peaceful, isn’t it”, said Josh.

Rob turned to him and give a smile only a woman could give to the man she loves from the deepest of her heart. “You bastard”, he punched Josh on his chin so hard, his knuckles spattered some blood on the ground.

“Argh!!!”, screamed Josh, “Why do you keep hitting me!”, his hot blood finding its way through his mouth, “What the hell is wrong with you!”, he bent forward to spit some blood as he wiped his mouth and crying in agony.

“Yeah mucker, be more loud, this might help us with some ghostbusting”.

“It’s no time! I am bleeding, oh god, what the fuck” Josh cried and sat on his knees.

“Just a little scratch plum…” Rob gets interrupted as Josh swings with an uppercut with a blunt rock in his palm, missing Rob’s chin, but hitting directly to his nose.

“Oh dear lord!!!” screamed Rob.

“I got you asshole,” said Josh revealing his disfigured chin and laughing while skipping a step and falling to his knees again.

“My… face” cried Rob, tears rolling down his cheeks. His nose, bleeding and a piece of meat peeled out of his nose and sitting in his palm.

“Why did you hit me, huh” cried Josh as loud as he possibly could.

“Because you’re not what you say you are” responded Rob with another cry. “You were expecting this demon, you knew what you walked into. And it’s not news for you!!” Rob fell on his back, holding his bleeding face.

“What are you talking about, are you insane!” Josh cried with a tearful eye, picking another stone and aiming directly at Rob’s chest.

Rob is quick this time and rolled over to dodge the shot.

Josh fell over his chest as he passed out and heard a siren.

Is it the police?

Are they in trouble?


This is the end of Chapter 1.

Why Rob attacked Josh?

What were they doing there in the dark?

What will happen to them now?

The demon will make her appearance in the next chapter, and I’m writing that right now! (August 2018)


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