Encountering Ghosts in India – Chapter 2

Do you like fictional stories? Well, this one is not. Josh wants to leave India and return to his home in Minnesota, US. But that is not possible as a powerful demon now seeks him. Who is Rob, by the way? Read Encountering Ghosts in India – Chapter 2 with Rees Gargi.

This is chapter 2 of the story “Encountering ghosts in India”.
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It’s hazy.

But it’s bright and loud. ‘Do I smell bleach’, pain means he’s still alive. Lately, Josh has been waking up like this, after a knock-out sleep and some sticky goo residual of blood on the face. It’s like he’s been wondering whether it is natural for him to be alive at all. But he is, and the evidence was the stingy pain on his chin where Rob punched him viciously earlier that… night, ‘or is it been a week?’, thought Josh with his eyes still shut closed. He is definitely on a hospital bed. Bandages on his chin being evident as he scratched it casually.

‘This is a common room, not a private bed’ Josh is afraid to open his eyes. He is afraid of seeing Rob again, and he does not want to be pelted like a round stone over a bridge by him. Although it is quite obvious that he is safe here, there must be police nearby as he recalled hearing siren, ‘ah yes, it was last night. I am pretty sure of it’, Josh continued thinking. ‘I wonder what’s this all commotion going on. It’s very unusual for hospital corridor to be this loud but again, this is not a usual world I am in now, is it?’.

But it has to be done sooner better than later. Josh instantly opened his eyes and although it was uncomfortable for his pupils as it contracted in the bright light. He puts a hand on his forehead subconsciously as if it would dim the room light.

“Tch Tch Tch”, Josh refocuses his vision to see Rob nodding his head in disappointment.

“Why…”, groaned Josh softly.

“1985, the year I was born”, said Rob with almost some enthusiasm on his face as he smiled. Josh, accustoming to the light of the room now see the heavy bandages all across the face of Rob, but his mouth and eyes. His head is covered in a helmet like plaster and under his chin, there is a thin tube passing through his white checkered patient robe. It is surprising how Josh recognized him with his faded vision earlier that minute.

“I was always good in class”, continued Rob with a very visible red eye. Josh could swear there is some blood in the popping vein in there. How Rob was still standing with so many wounds while Josh stayed laid on a bed just for a minor scratch on his plummy chin, he recalled as Rob described it last night. Josh managed to clip his nose, but not sure how he was injured so badly on head and chest, apparently.

“My mother, she was cruel. I don’t think she was my mother even”, Rob continued unknowingly that Josh was not interested in his monologue, at all.

‘What’s he blabbering about his life’ thought Josh perplexed. ‘Is he gone mad’.

“She said I can’t be a wizard. Broke my heart.”

“And how’s she was cruel, of course, you could not be a wizard”, whispered Josh, as strangely a tear roll down his left eye. “There are no ghosts, are there. I was drugged”.

“You, think so?” queried Rob, flinching whatever was seen of his eyes. “Anyways, she once burnt the Christmas tree”, continued Rob, as he bowed down his head and took the tear of off Josh’s face, “because I believed in the Santa Clause”.

‘Rob is a strange man. India is a strange country. It’s like meeting Hannibal Lector in the Jurrasic World’. Unsure how else to react, Josh just continued wondering what is going on. ‘Expect there are ghosts than Dinosaurs. Not that it’s less thrilling,  but it would be much easier to comprehend perhaps.’

“My father died when I was eleven. A french poltergeist killed him. It was shameful really, that’s the weakest kind we kin can hunt down”, continued Rob, “but I reckon, you would not understand; that how I was raised…” Rob eyeing down Josh, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes that instantly turned to disappointment once again. “… because you Josh; was born a ghost collector”.

“Now what’s that supposed to mean”, Josh neglected Rob completely. “My father was a doctor, my mum was a teacher. And I’ve never known my grandparents. I’ve been an average student throughout the school to become a bank clerk in my hometown. Never even been outside five states before I juggled my brain to travel overseas just for your insane rumbling since the day I have been here”, Finished Josh in one breath, as if he was disgusted being accused of something by someone as shady as Rob. “And… you are one to talk, eh? capturing ghosts in test tubes is your business, asshole, not mine. I was just in for some vacation which undoubtedly is ruined by you, mucker”, Josh putting some extra effort into the word: mucker.

Josh sat down, realizing the bandages around his waist and plaster on his right leg, below the knees.

“What the… what happened last night?” asked Josh perplexed looking for more injuries. “I don’t remember any of these wounds”, Josh forgot being accused as a ghost collector for a moment and stood up with some effort and a push to the edge of the bed.

“Apparently…”, Rob said sadly “we were raped last night”.

“Nice Comedian”

“We were on the news the other day, these cops had a chance to beat a white man” sneered Rob revealing a broken tooth behind his left cheek.

“But why did they beat me?” asked Josh angrily. “You would rather not smile for a while”.

“Listen to me Josh boy, judging from your perplexed response, I reckon you were unaware of your role in this ghost hunting. And, so much as I hate to say… I am sorry for hitting you”. apologized Rob. “But to the fairness, you left me a permanent scar on the nose and a good bill for the dentist”, he finished with a smile.

“And a disfigured skull”, added Josh. ‘This guy is getting weirder and weirder’.

“Well, you did not participate in this sport.

But I hope it will heal soon, we’ve got ghosts to catch. And that ill spirit straight from the hell”.


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Josh never imagined his father as a ghost collector, he was not even sure how was that different from a ghost hunter. But, deep inside he thought it was ‘kinda cool’. He had watched various horror and fantasy movies in his life but never he imagined himself become a part of a story.

Josh was an ordinary guy in his own eyes. He earned a fixed salary, paid his loans earlier that year and though not much of a traveler, decided a journey to India impulsively. His father is a very communicating man and if he were a ghost collector, Josh would have known that. No one could fake a career for 26 years. And why would he conceal their family business to his only son? It was, of course, a misunderstanding and Rob has gotten him fixed in some nasty business.

Rob is about to lay in his bed as suddenly he puts a finger on his mouth and makes a faint shushing sound to Josh. Although Josh was quiet, he immediately nodes. Josh has witnessed sharp reflexes of Rob towards a spirit earlier, so his instincts trusted that of him. Rob was sitting two beds across Josh in the cross side. He was unceasingly glaring at the dirty curtains covering a doorless opening to the big hall their bed was put alongside 10 other beds. And Josh was following his glare, a little more in his own senses than ever before. Someone is out there definitely, looking at them through the curtain sheets. Even Josh could sense their presence. But who was it?

“Doctor, …”, called an old man followed by some squeaky sound in his language that boys did not understand. ‘So, doctor means doctor in Hindi. Funny’, said Josh to himself amusingly. Then through the curtains, came a beautiful dusky woman in a white coat covering her assets as she catwalks towards the older guy.

She had long hairs to the length where her coat ends and even with no apparent makeup other than a pink lipstick, one could easily believe that this girl was a model or actress. Her bosoms were worsening the situation for heart patients that once laid on their respective beds are now jumping off of their beds in hope to catch a glance of the mistress from the front.

She stopped at the bed of Josh. placing one hand on her hips and one holding a clipboard she casually asked, “So you are the victim, Josh is it?”.

‘So she was the one looking at me through the curtains. Oh God, if there are ghosts like this one, I would readily be haunted by few for eternity’ thought Josh lustily.

Realizing that he was staring at her lips for far too long, Josh gasped for a breath and sighed, “Nama-stay”.

“You are a funny man”, she laughed.

‘Oh God, even her accent is so sexy’.

“My name is Sheilja, and I’m your doctor, man”. said the woman, and though her voice was like warm milk getting poured over honey, Josh couldn’t help but realize that he has never been attracted towards a girl like this in all his life. There is something at a play here. It is too good to be true.

“Yes, this guy over there thinks I collect… ”

“Bees” interrupted Rob as he walked between Sheilja and Josh forcing the former to scooch backward. “I don’t just think, I know this man collects bees” he continued in possibly the most arrogant way one can imagine. He was looking rather funny with a doctor tape rolled five folds over his nose.

“What..?” sighed Josh with drool falling on the floor. He is definitely not aware of his surroundings.

“I hate bees” continued Rob as Sheilja widened her eyes revealing the amount of sex energy through her pupils. Those black shiny gems were perhaps not enough to bewitch Rob as he knew, this was indeed a demon inside the skin of an innocent woman.

“So tell me, woman, why do you seek Josh, and not me.” Rob widened his eyes even more than the demon possessing Sheilja, although it looked rather funny than enticing as the red veins were too weird to gaze at for a normal person. “I am taller than him, in more than one ways if you can imagine”, he then winked.

Sheilja put a good act of laugh, “of course, I would not say no to you. But it’s Josh I am assigned to. So if you please be a good man and leave us alone, I promise to take care of you after my shift ends” she then rolled her tongue and licked some pink off her lips.

And even though he knew it was a demon putting on an act, it was hard for him to resist but somehow he manages to pull himself together and slapped hard on the wrists of Josh and whispered to his ear, “Answer the lady doctor, mate, she is quite a handful” and walked back to his seat to watch Josh and the witch doctor carefully.

“Ok, now he’s gone”, Sheilja fixing her glare back to Josh, “why are you here beautiful boy, far away from your mother”, she said, placing a finger in her mouth consciously.

“I am 26 years old and I don’t live with mama and papa” replied Josh, still under bewitchment of the demon.

“So when was the last time you met her”.

“Do you wanna meet her, baby”.

“I am your doctor, sweetheart. Remember”.

“I want you to meet mama and papa, would you like to have me as your husband”.

Josh is gleaming with red flame as he screamed a faint donkey imitation laugh. Anyone would just assume that he’s been drugged for pain. And it was hard to end the bewitchment as it would involve a physical interaction with this beautiful doctor. And that would definitely raise eyebrows of many against already screwed two white males.

“Isn’t it getting hot in here for any more conversation?” asked Sheilja as she removes her coat to reveal a luscious figure and somehow no one witnessed this as everyone was busy in their own affairs. And no one seemed to notice this romantic exchange.

She then unfastens the top buttons of her blouse exposing some cleavage. A large portion of her abdomen was revealing in Indian saree, tightly draped around her waist and through her right shoulder. It was a treatment for his eyes. And he was ready to utter the deepest of his secret to this demon.

“So, now tell me and don’t get distracted again sweetheart…” said Sheilja with a false smile, “Do you remember your mother and the locket she passed onto you when you moved out”.

This was chapter 2 of the story “Encountering ghosts in India”.
Go to the index of this story for all published chapters.

Encountering Ghosts in India – Chapter 2

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