Serial killer escapes jail and assaults innocent dreams

Clear as muddy sea
I’ll telltale of a killer
Who got caught but fled

Spring of hearts mastered
Got best of us he bastard
Then he killed our selves

He chanced our fine smiles
Left this unending distress
Crushed hope and then bailed

Soft hearts and kind souls
Ours that but turned to black coals
Burned then drowned then sold

One who that rules lives
make us tremble like leaves dried
and fear godly thrives

Dreams, Friends, Lots of fun
Children as we were pondered
Now mortgage, rent, runt

Under our nose he
pinching evilish fork teeths
bleeds ours good souls dead

Serial killer
Murdered our innocent dreams
Known as mister fear

He destroyed more lives
Then anything else that’s known
in heart feels like a kidney stone

Serial killer escapes jail and assaults innocent dreams
Just a normal sword of 21st century. Too sad it won’t see any gore.

PS: My first attempt at this style of poetry, and did manage to get rid of regularity on the last line. But I loved writing it nonetheless.


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Poem Abstract:

There is no literal physical existence of the serial killer I am talking about here. It is personification of “Fear” as we know it.

This serial killer, encounters individuals in an order, haunting their very souls and causing them(us) to doubt their(ours) very abilities. We all go through such dilemma where we have to measure our priorities and obligations in one scale. And, like any mature person, we lean towards obligations and duties.

We need to do what is right, whether it means sacrificing our very happiness*.

Yes, Fear is the killer, its vicious series of victims never ends. And for some reason** we neither ignore this emotion nor remove it completely.

Something to think about. What do you think?

*  That’s temporary, as we humans tend to adapt and seek happiness (sort of) from our environment whenever available, even in tiniest of forms 🙂

** You can only be brave when you’re afraid. Otherwise life is too easy a game.

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