Love at first sight. Who would believe such a thing, and as if this extraordinary thing can ever exist outside the realm of movies and fictional stories?
People keep this fantasy inside their hearts. However, in reality, does it exists?
This is a story but not the fictional one that I usually write. It is as real as our very existence. And it begins with some happiness. Worded by Rees Gargi, this is a real story of a guy called “Happy.”

Note: This story has a lot of grammatical errors, and I did not edit it then, and I will not edit it now. I just can't. There are a lot of emotional reasons. If you want to edit it yourself, you can, though I cannot promise to make it live. Here is my email:

Felicity of meeting her

Felicity means “Intense happiness”, which is only fair to describe emotions when I recall that day. And although I was only four years old at that time, this incident marked my memories, unlike any other memory I had as a little boy.

December 8th, 1997.
That was the day I learned the joy of “love at first sight” even without knowing anything in context about love, or fate.
Today, I will tell you a tale. A truth. A sweet memory.
It was the celebration of a wedding. The wedding of my oldest cousin. It was the first marriage in our generation, thus the hype was grand. It was a supreme joy. Of course, I am not talking about the wedding.
It was a supreme joy because, in that wedding celebration, I laid eyes on my first and only love.

Happy - a true love story - A Reasonable Guy
That’s I in the corner

The family of the bride held the reception in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.
I was the youngest in our generation, the naughty yet sweet little rascal. And for some reason, I wanted to become a groom and to marry. I think that reason roots to this specific night. I was honored to be seated alongside the “actual” groom, Pavan-bhaiya. It was joyous and although I do not remember much about that night, and it’s all too hazy, I do remember that specific moment. And I am pretty sure no calamity ever can make me forget that moment. It was a moment of pure innocent demand.
I wanted to marry her.

That was the day I learned the joy of “love at first sight” even without knowing anything in context about love, or fate.
Today, I will tell you a tale. A truth. A sweet memory.
It was the celebration of a wedding. The wedding of my oldest cousin. It was the first marriage in our generation, thus the hype was grand. It was a supreme joy. Of course, I am not talking about the wedding.
It was a supreme joy because, in that wedding celebration, I laid eyes on my first and only love.

Everyone was busy with celebration, and when you are enjoying something, time passes by quickly. But this was something different. Because for me, time became still, everything around became blurred, like some bokeh effect. And the only focused and visible thing was this little chubby cute girl. Sparkling eyes, arched smile and blushed cheeks. It was a moment to behold. And though I was still just an ignorant child, I knew the very importance of that moment.

Akku - a true love story - A Reasonable Guy
And here’s she.

I was innocent, and my demand was pure: I wanted to marry her. I threw a tantrum in front of my family and urged my demand to be fulfilled. My stubbornness seemingly moved them. She was a niece of my Bhabhi (sister-in-law) and was almost 3 years in age. Her father and my family, in order to calm me down, promised that they will marry us when we get older, and to solidify their promise, they did my “tikka” and told me that we’re now engaged.

Her name was Akku.

The second time

Maybe the motive of our “engagement” was just to calm me down, but our families did not know, that a love-story has begun that day.
Years passed by, that unforgettable moment was now buried under loads of controversies, conflicts, and adventures of adolescence.

That is one busy time, and we begin to learn about life, so this love-story was side-tracked to my active life. However, every now and then I would see her when someone would play that wedding CD on TV.
Bhabhi and others would tease me by her name, “Akku”.

Akku… I still remember you, but I wonder if you even know me‘.
I would sigh inside my heart.


I would usually spend my summer holidays in Bharatpur. Hence, once again I packed my bag for that place. I am almost 16 years old now. Excited youth, adventurous soul and ambitious dreams.

June 25th, 2011
It was Saturday. And the birthday of my Bhabhi’s nephew.
She was going on the birthday party by herself, but somehow she took me as well to accompany her. So we moved to Aligarh for the party.
It was a three hours ride to Aligarh, and she told me on the way that “people” from Sambhal are also joining the celebration. I did not think much into it. But my heart skipped a bit, “why?” I could not tell.

It was a flicker of light, unknown to me at that moment.
And I did not know what made me smile on that long taxi ride that day.

It was a decently good get-together. Everyone was having fun, and Bhabhi was busy. So I walked around by myself for a while.
I am very conservative, and new people are not easy for me to talk to. But I am also very extrovert, so having fun at a party consists of people who know me, it was not hard at all. And when you’re having fun, it’s not easy for you to notice others.
And trust me, I am not the kind of guy who’d eye just any girl. I appreciate beauty, but it was a beauty to behold that captured my eyes that day. I saw a simple looking girl, with plain hairstyle and not-so-fancy clothes for a birthday party. She was simple, yet so beautiful.
So Bhabhi, of course, noticed me noticing that girl. And she could not help herself but chuckle and asked me, “Do you know who that girl is, Happy?”
Yes, I am known as Happy.
I shook my head. I did not know her, I mean why would I?
“She is your Akku”, she said with a grin.

That was what I believe, the first night, I could not sleep. I wanted to, but could not. Her image kept popping up in my imagination. Her smile, her eyes, her cute chubby cheeks that carried a natural blush. A simple beauty.
So… I could not sleep. She caught me off guard. It was an excited youth and adventurous soul after all.
I could not wait for the morning, as we have to return Bharatpur and I did not have any time to waste. I began my quest to find her. I wanted to talk to her. I knew, if I did not, I could not do anything and imagination would haunt me for the life to come.
And guess what, I found her.

No, I did not. *Chuckles*

I was right. She did not leave my mind even for a minute, and I was left wondering. I was not planning to suffer the entire journey like this, so I had to do something. I requested my Bhabhi. She was reluctant, but I am very good with convincing. And she agreed to give her a call, and although quite nervous, I was feeling positive.

*On Phone*
I heard her voice for the first time, her voice that meant to communicate with me. It was muffled and shy like I imagined in my dreams last night.
We barely talked for a couple minutes though, and it was pretty awkward as well. But it managed to relieve me from thinking into the matter further, for the time being at least.
We did not talk again after that. again, for the time being.

Oh, newfound love.

2013. Summer holidays.
I was now in college, pursuing my engineering in computers. And although my personal interests for a career were in a somewhat different direction, I was aware of the “career-trend” in India. It’s either engineering or law, if not medical or Indian army/navy. But I will not delve much into it now.

It was summer holidays yet again, so it was time to pack bags for Bharatpur.
My Bhabhi and her two daughters (my nieces) decided to leave for Aligarh again, this time without me. It was at that time, Akku was pursuing her high school education. I did not think much into this at that time. Excited youth.

I learned this later, that she was browsing through Facebook alongside my niece and was revealed that “I am” on Facebook with the name, “Mrinal“.

She did a search. Yes! She searched for me!

And sent me a message, “Hello”.

And thus, a communication medium between us was now established. Yes, computer engineering.
When I received this “Hello” message from a girl, I was surprised.
‘This is not some random girl’, I knew that much. Who was this Priyanshi Sharma?
I checked out her Facebook profile and found that this girl was from Sambhal. It did not take me much effort to deduce that she was the Akku who bewitched me into her magic before, twice.

That day forward, our conversations became frequent. We talked day and night, and not even a single day passed by when we did not talk. I become addicted to seeing her message, and she became addicted to replying me. It was a perfect combination. And meanwhile we were engaged in our chat screen and phone calls, the flickering flame of our bond became stronger and lively.

It took me almost three months to confess my feelings, to say what was obvious to both of us.

“I like you”, and I knew it was sincere and pure as that innocent little child who wanted to marry that girl. “I like you very much”, I could not stop to repeat what I said to her. It was jolly, romantic but serious and deep. Deeper than what any of us could understand. We were still too young to comprehend this strength of love.
She asked for a day to make a decision. She liked me, it was not a doubt. But in a less liberate Indian family, there are many things to consider before you commit to a relationship.

So, it was reasonable to me and I told her: “I will wait“.

Next day, against my daily routine, I woke earlier, took a cold shower, wore a pretty decent shirt with an ironed jeans, unlike my usual creased denim; and sat down in front my computer. In wait.
I waited and I waited. Every moment passed by longer than usual. The sound of the wall clock kept ticking, ‘tick-tock-tick-tock’.

My heart kept thumping loud and fast. I have patience. I know how to wait. But that day, my reasons were sleeping sound while several doubts kept popping in my heart, “No, she doesn’t like you”, “Why would a beautiful girl like that even like you”, “She laughed with you as a friend, she definitely is not interested in YOU!”. Thoughts like that. Before I knew, even sun hid with embarrassment and darkness swept over the sky. But the flame of our bond was just not weak, I told that to myself.

And it was time, I was beginning to think, nopes Happy, she is not sending you a text today; suddenly my phone’s notification tone pinged!
In a burst of hope, I quickly rose over my seat to read the message. It was a funny meme from a friend. “hahaha, not funny”, I couldn’t help but think. Is my life is nothing but a well-elaborated meme? I was about to be shrouded in the cloud of self-loathing when she texted me. It was already late at night, and she texted me at the time I least expected it.

“I am sorry 🙂 Bua Ji kept me busy in some work today. Sorry for not texting you.”
(Bua Ji means Aunt)

“You did not reply to me. I asked you something yesterday”, I straightforwardly asked. I could not wait any longer and skipped the usual greetings, and completely ignored her excuse.

“I like you too :)”


The flame of our bond and commitment grew even stronger that day. Perhaps this flame was the reason I enjoyed drawing cartoons and sketches of Charizard very much.
Jokes aside, my interest in drawing peaked during those days, I was more efficient in academics and studies, I was even more social and made many friends. I became the best of me. I did not recognize this change because of her approval in my life. Not at that time. Excited youth was now becoming mature.

Gradually time passed by, and we became closer and closer. She told me that she was teased as well with my name, “Happy“, and everyone in her family would enjoy seeing the girl blush.

I was glad to know that, not only my family but hers too was open to our “friendship” and they have not forgotten me and our little “engagement” from that wedding reception years ago. It was an indescribable feeling that lifted me with joy. And we would tease each other’s name, imagining her blushing, I was overjoyed as well. Those were great days.

It took us a while before we realized, ‘we had mutual feelings, and we needed to meet!’.
We were still a hundred miles apart (212 KM to be exact) and we needed to cover that gap. I wanted to see her, and she wanted to see me. So we scheduled a day.

Our First Date

September 12th. 2013
We decided to meet on that day. It would have been a perfect birthday present for me, seeing her, listening to her words directly and seeing her without any “technological assistance“.

I wondered how she smells like. And it was the day, I could not wait for.
Normally, I am not a romantic guy. I am ordinary when it comes to relationships. I was inexperienced in this sort of trading. But I knew one thing for certain, “I am going to meet her!”.

I waited for this day and when it finally arrived, I rose from my bed early like a morning rooster and did my absolute best to look good. I combed my unnatural hair, wore my best pair of shirt and jeans, wore the best wrist-watch, I had even fancied some perfume.

Actually, a lot of perfume.

I had to wake up early to catch the morning train of 6:30 AM and there was nothing in this world that could force me to miss that train, I was absolutely sure.
But there was still one: my routine, that involves waking up late. But I did not have to worry about that, because my excitement could not let me sleep earlier that night. And in bonus, I did not feel a sliver of fatigue at all!
This was the level of excitement that surged me with energy from some unknown source.

My mother packed me “Ghiya” for lunch. And although I hate that, I happily accepted and even finished my tiffin on the train. The excitement was beyond the charts.

When my train arrived at the destination, I was already jumping on my seat and got off the carriage. I saw her then. She was waiting for me.


Time; it was of no essence for me. Everything stopped while I looked at her. Nothing was moving, nor that I cared for anything else present.
I just kept looking at her, the beauty she was, tangled me in hope and love, I could not escape, swear to god, kill me if I wanted to escape.

Those sparkling eyes, filled with kindness; those lips whose charisma was increased ten folds by that little freckle. And cheeks that did not retain the chubbiness from the past but still carried the same cuteness. She was still simple, as I remember her from the last time we met. She was wearing a casual top with jeans. It suited her overall appearance and was enough to stir my soul.

It was very hard to accept that she likes me. But it was true nonetheless.
I regained senses and as I walked towards her, she instantly held my hand and pulled me through the crowd on the platform. Then she wrapped dupatta to her face covering everything but eyes and took me to an auto stand. It was almost as if she was forcing me, she was in such a hurry.

We had not uttered a single word to each other yet.

An “auto” is a three-wheeled mini taxi that is a very common mode of transport in our country, and it was relatively costlier than a bus ride, to which we were accustomed to. And it was very charming to see her try to haggle with the auto-driver. It was a cute scene. We took that auto and began our little journey towards the movie theater which we planned last night to spend our date on.

I could not see her directly. I was feeling shy. I glanced towards her time to time through a mirror in the auto. I was stunned and I am not exaggerating the sight. Although her face was covered with a dupatta, it was not hard for someone like me to imagine her face through that piece of cloth.

And whenever our eyes would meet through that mirror, I would move my gaze to the outside, a little less beautiful sight.

We both were nervous to the extent of breakdown.
It took a lot of my guts to say something, and I said it.
“At least remove the mask”.

“Can’t. Someone might see us and I don’t want any commotion”.

We arrived at the theater around 12 PM, it was still an hour left for the movie show to begin. So we decided to spend that hour in a restaurant nearby.

I was not showing any signs of nervousness, although I was, I wanted her to be comfortable with me. But somehow she saw through my disguise of “cool guy” and asked me to hold hands.

Nervousness was unbearable. We both were shy, someone had to break the ice.
And she did it.

“Please hold my hands, I am very nervous”.

And I did it. Nervousness as if instantly vanished when we touched each other like this. And it was replaced by a mutual romantic understanding.

We held hands for quite some time before we said anything.
She brought pasta for me that she cooked earlier that morning.
Why pasta?
Because she could not cook anything else.

Pasta was little spicier than my taste, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Because she was feeding it to me herself.
It was more than what I could have hoped for.

I Love you

It was the best day of my life. The sky was serene as if writing its own poetry to us; the warmth of her hands in mine felt like the coziest I’ve ever felt. It was warmer than a blanket on a cold rainy night. I felt as if God himself has planned this beautiful moment for me and for certain I was sure: ‘It just cannot get better.’

“I love you”, she said suddenly, blushing has made her cheeks redder than before.

And it was like that. My day just became better. More than I could have ever wished for. More than I’ve ever asked for.
It was the first confession of love to me, and it felt so right. It’s hard to describe the power of “I love you” when it’s true.

“I love you… too”.

It did not take me a second to respond that. I did not want to waste any time after all. So, I said it. And I am sure she felt the power of a true “I Love you” as well. We were lost in each other.

It was time, the movie was about to begin, so we put the tiffin back in her bag and begin walking back to the movie theater.

Shudh Desi Romance…

Shudh Desi Romance, it was the name of the movie and that ticklish feeling of warmth between us. A befitting name. We were so lost in each other that we managed to find the exit gate to enter the theater. And of course, the security guy told us to enter through the front. A quick chuckle and then we moved to find the Entry gate. We were walking down the stairs when it happened.

We were descending stairs, I don’t know what happened exactly, I just gripped her shoulder to turn her and she promptly kissed me!

It was as if ice is poured into boiling water: Steamy. And wet. My day kept getting better and better.

To this day, none of us know who exactly initiated that kiss. It was almost at the same time. We were emotionally closer to each other than ever, and the distance kept shrinking moment by moment. We were blended. There was not much crowd that day, and I could not care if there was, and then we entered the theater: dark and perfumed with the smell of popcorn butter.

We found our seats, it was the last row, at the corner and we sat down to enjoy the show, and our precious time: together.

Two hours and 30 Minutes, the movie was over and we did not even watch a single scene in silence. Time flowed like sand through fingers, and we laughed, we talked and were lost in each other eyes – the entire time.

But the movie was over, so it was time to leave the theater. We returned to the same restaurant as before and found a secluded set of seats. We occupied the seat and ordered some food.

Despite being a shy girl, she did not show any mercy to the food. And I felt grateful at least one of us finishes their plate. And also other’s if need be. It was a joyous moment to watch. Time was flying smoothly as we held each other’s hand.

I do click a lot of pictures, and it was then when my instinct to click one awakened. I took out my phone and captured our first picture together. It was our hands, clung to each other.

Happy and Akku - A Reasonable Guy
Our first picture together.

And that’s how the ritual of clicking pictures together begun.

Good Bye Will meet again, soon

We walked, hands in hands, to hire an auto. Earlier in the morning, I was so thrilled; I probably emptied half the bottle of perfume on myself. And now, I could clearly smell my perfume on her body. Xoxo.

We took another auto to return to Train Station. I felt a slight itch in my heart knowing that I am returning home now. Or was I leaving home?

That itch grew stronger and stronger as we kept getting closer to the station.
We wanted to stay together longer but it was getting late and she had to return her own home. So I covered my heartache, and like a cool guy, told her to return home, she would be late otherwise. But as if she saw through my disguise and left, trailing behind the glow of that smile. That smile.

After 5 minutes, I boarded the return train and received her call. She said she boarded a bus to her home as well. Those 5 minutes felt longer than usual. We were already missing each other. Excited Youth.

For the rest of the journey, I could not get the moments spent with her out of my mind. And to be true, I did not want it to leave. This was the day I wanted to keep close to my heart. But it was just the beginning. We knew we could not live without each other.

After that day, we met many times. And kept getting closer and more intimate with each other. It was the power of love, that any poet would love to explain. I was feeling that power myself. It was godly!

Clear sky, you and I

In the beginning, she was very possessive. And could not bear the sight of me with anyone else! Although it might sound smothering, I found it rather cute or at least, in the beginning.

Actually, sometimes I was frustrated as well, I mean how could I not talk to anyone else? I was a little possessive too, but we were not living together so it was pretty common sense that I would have to talk to others to maintain a social presence. But that reason seemed illogical to her.

In the beginning, I was glad that she was a little jealous, but it was getting very tedious.

She loved me more than I could handle.
This was my conclusion. And I tried to cope up with it. It brought arguments in our relationship, but it was okay as long as we were together.

And I realized that later when it was ‘I’ who became possessive for her.
I don’t know how it happened. But I think it began on that day. It was 2014.
We had a small argument in the morning. So I called her later in the evening. Her number was switched off.

It was unbearable. I had to talk to her, even if to argue, so I tried her older number. The number she used to call me from.
When answered, I thought for a second why she had “switched off” her current number. Of course, it was not to avoid my calls.

Or Was it?

Before I could say anything to her, I heard a very simple question.

“Who is this?”

What the….

“I am Happy, who else”, I replied. Why was she asking me ‘Who am I?’

“Happy… Happy who?”

And I was disheartened. This was not a big deal even if she carried the grudge from our morning argument. But somehow it managed to pierce through my ego. ‘She could never do that’. I had taken her for granted. As if she was mine only and she will be mine forever. I was possessive. I just did not know it then.

Then the call was disconnected from the other end, leaving me with nothing but frustration and a disappointed heart.

I cried. How could I take her for granted? Was that wrong if I did? What can I do now, I never imagined Akku reacting this way to me.

After 15 minutes I got a called from Akku, her actual number. I was sniffing when I picked it up.

“What happened? Are you crying? What happened???”

And I told her what happened.
She was worried now. She giggled before she told me that her old number now belongs to a friend. And that her phone was turned off because of low battery. I was not relieved.

After we’ve talked like normadl and I was left alone to think. I knew why I was not relieved.

I could not bear to lose her. I did know what I would do without her. I was possessive of her.

Oblivious of my dilemma, She tried to change herself even though then I did not want that anymore anymore. I wanted her just the way she was.

She either suppressed her “you-are-only-mine” feelings or she showed she isn’t possessive anymore, God knows. But she was becoming “normal” and I was becoming “possessive day by day”: Just like a normal relationship. Hah!

But things otherwise were still joyous and the flame of our love was shining nonetheless.

Clouds… on a sunny day

We were a couple now. Sometimes we would fight, but we were able to resolve the problems and make our bond stronger.

Fights were right of every relationship, but no matter how hard we retaliate on phone, we would never fight each other in person. We wished to celebrate our precious time: together.

The number of our “dates” grew, thus our love, if it was even possible. But it did nonetheless. I still remember those moments distinctively, although it was bittersweet sometimes, I still cherish them. Because we were together.

Like clouds on a sunny day, outnumbering the Sun, but couldn’t manage to stop sunlight, leaving a beautiful scene in the sky. Our relationship was akin to this.

Time passed by. We matured and thus our bond.
6 years: is a long time, but we were with each other; we had lived through eternity together, every moment we spent with hands-in-hands, that was a lifetime.

Compared to that, these 6 years were rather quick. People knew about us. Our friends would give our examples to newbie couples; It was as if we were married already. We were happy.

She supported me through my toughest of times, which trust me: were many. And I acknowledged her love and faith in me. She came in my life and became my lucky charm. It was definitely not sudden. Our youthful passion was now maturing into a veteran relationship.

During those six years and forth, we met accidentally many times. Like when I visited Sambhal for some particular reason. We talked through the entire night up until 4 in the morning.

Once, without telling her, I went to Aligarh to celebrate Diwali with relatives. Akku was already there, after two hours I saw her there. We both were wonderstruck.

We were in Aligarh for three days and nights and were by with each other’s side, lost in the moment. Lost in each other, way past through midnight.

Life is amazing, and there were many proofs I found along the way in my own odyssey.

Darker Clouds in the dusk

June 2017.
Her cousin was married to my older brother.

It was June 2017 and a tensed atmosphere in both our families. The supposedly auspicious occasion of a wedding, this wedding was against the will of my family.
Everyone was disappointed and upset. And our relationship was taking a direct hit. Akku was disheartened because seemingly our own marriage was under danger now. Her father was depressed.

Our conversations were shrinking shorter, although we both were unable to overcome this overwhelming feeling of worry, we managed to stay together. Hoping to face the storm together till the sky is sunny once again, till dark clouds scutter away.

March 28th, 2018
Life must go on. Thus, I indulged myself in various activities. In the beginning, it was just to divert my mind away from those clouds of struggles. I thought a mere wind of time would be able to move these clouds and sunshine will once again shine in our life.

But, those activities became my hobbies and hobbies then became an addiction. I was playing games on my phone. I was rather good at that. But it started to affect my relationship. On the surface, I looked like a lazy guy slacking off. But in reality, I was struggling to keep up with my thoughts and tension.

My job was not showing mercy to me either. I was working all day and three hours commute was breaking my neck. And when I was not working, I was procrastinating my life on 5 inch a display screen.

But I was not the person affected by these foolish activities of self-engulfment. She was Akku who suffered the most. She was worried about us. And instead of giving my best; I showed my worst.

I started prioritizing work and other activities over her. I wronged her. At the wrong time.

I remember it still. And why would I not? It was a very important day.
Probably the most important day for me. 28th March 2018. It was Wednesday. It was the birthday of Akku.

And If I were in my senses, I would have made her happier that day. I would have made her feel special that day. Special, like her own existence.

But I did not. I was not myself those days. She thought I was avoiding her. Perhaps yes.

But more than that I was avoiding seeing her sad.

I did wrong. I was feeling like a loser, and video games made me feel a sense of achievement: which was like a drug to me. I was Struggling with my own feeble emotional condition.

I was tired from work. In my heart, I wanted to call her and wish her “Happy Birthday”; in my style. But my mind was doing this so-called “realist” thinking. It knew that “my” style could get lengthier (in hours) and my weakened spirits would not allow me to talk to her on phone for hours.

So when I called her on 12 am, on her birthday to wish her. My mind overcame my spirits and spat out:

“Let’s sleep. It’s getting late.”

She was disappointed. She wanted to talk more and worry was not only troubling me. So she agreed and disconnected.

I knew instantly I did wrong. No matter how irrational my heart sounded or how tired my body was; I called her again. I apologized to her and tried to right my wrongs in one call. I knew it was not enough.

November 2018.
Year passed by. It felt slower than usual. But I hoped tension has concluded now. Things seemed fine and so I decided it was time.
I asked Akku to tell her family about our relationship. We should prepare for the time to come together now. And get our families involved. We wanted to marry each other, arranged.

Clouds above our head were now beginning to out-power the shine of the sun. It was getting darker. But I was sure, we could surpass this danger. Love has the power to defeat even the darkest of despair.
That’s what I believe.

She talked to him that night. And I waited in my bed, could not sleep. It was raining outside and the rumbling of thunders was too loud to hear anything else in the commotion.

Later that night.
She called me. I picked her call, in the first ring. She was crying.
She was crying and so was our fate. For 5 minutes, she could not utter a single word. It was panic. I knew at that moment what had happened, but I had to calm her down.

“What happened, please. Tell me. We will find a way”.

“Fa… Father has denied… Father refused to let us be together anymore”.

It was like an end. She was crying so badly that I had to work hard to make out a sense of her words. I could not help myself and let out tears of pain as well. I did not want to her to think that our hope is dead, but we both kept crying. We were struck by despair and unexpected has happened. Our relationship, tales of which were given as examples to others, had suffered a great hit.

Somehow I managed to calm her down after a while with a promise that we will find a way, that we will convince her father and we will be married someday.

She was relieved and I was resolved. It was time… of darker clouds in the dusk.


It became a routine. No matter how optimistic we try to feel, things were getting worse and worse. She tried convincing her father many times, but his response was always the same. It caused an extreme impact on our lives. We were crying days and nights. We were feeling helpless. She tried reasoning with her father, but his persistence to neglect our relationship was unshaken. I wonder… did he forgot the promise he made us 22 years ago?

Like her family, even my family denied acknowledging our relationship. I was not sure where to turn to. I just wanted to leave everything and everybody and seclude myself from reality. But it was neither possible nor the right thing to do. I was sinking into the mud of depression, day by day, hour by hour. Second by second!

It was my routine.
I knew I had to do something, I could not possibly let the flickering flame of life fade from us, so I began with my own family. I had to deal with things in hand first. And I did.

The younger generation of my family showed the least resistance, so it was not hard to convince them of my resolution. But my father, he was harder to convince than others. But as days passed by even he could no longer see me crying and refusing to eat food and living a lifestyle. He had to stop me from decaying away, so he felt empathy. He agreed to my cause. And that’s how I was able to lose a little burden.

But things were even worse than before for Akku. She had to endure a lot. Such immense pressure caused her to avoid my calls. She was beyond my consolation.

Her love for family, for her father, was probably much deeper than our bond. She could not force them to her own will. She’s just kind and loving like that; compromising own self for her family.

I was dead worried about her. Even if this was an end for our relationship, I did not care about that any longer. I just wanted to talk to her, I never expected things to turn out like this. I wanted to make her feel better, but she even took that one right from me. I was feeling helpless again.

With my father in our side, I tried to convince him to talk to Akku’s family. Maybe if the elder communicates, they might be able to come to a solution. Maybe if my father talks to her father, maybe if…

I was not thinking rationally anymore. It was a desperate measure which had to be taken.
I even urged my Bhabhi to somehow help me reach her.
Last time I talked to Akku, was 24th December.
It was the time I changed my lifestyle drastically. I quit meat and alcohol. I had to face some withdrawal issues, but they were insignificant compared to the pain in the heart.

When I recall those days when we used to fight over trivial matters, only to clear the disputes and come closer. I can’t help but sigh with a smile.
I miss those fights. I miss her. I miss life. I miss living.

When I talked to her on 24th December. We were not crying. We were heart-broken yes, but we were listening to each other. I asked her to just continue talking to me. I would not force her to convince her father anymore. She does not have to worry anymore. I asked her to leave the matter in my hands. I would make everything alright. I will be the hero, I will save the day.

I asked her to be okay. I asked her to trust me.

And she did. She said she trusts me. She agreed to talk normally to me, and she would not avoid my calls anymore.

For the time being, it was my medicine. It was enough. Then we transferred our “I Love You” to each other before she hung up. Power of “I Love You” is immeasurable.
It was literally the best thing I could demand out of that day. She talked to me!!!

I could finally rest for a bit. It was a relief talking to her. So I took a nap. I slept well.

After two hours when I woke up, I called her again.

It was switched off.
Her phone was switched off.

I called her again. Switched off. Again. Switched off. Again. Switched off.

“The number you have dialed is currently switched off. Please try again later”…
I felt the earth beneath me was shaking. I felt my stomach turning. It was as if my heart was not pumping any blood anymore. I was sweating. It was cold sweat. I crouched under the blanket. I cried.

How could she… Why did she…
But I could not possibly find an answer to this. Because she switched her phone off.
When I woke up, I felt tired. I was drained of energy, so I ate.
My family had no faults, I could not punish them. Convincing my family now seemed meaningless. I could no longer avoid food or small talks. I had to play the role of “good son”.

The day passed like that. I had a motorbike accident on 25th December. It was not Christmas to me, and it felt all the same. I tried calling her every day with no success. I wished to hear her voice one more time. I dropped messages on WhatsApp but they were all single-ticked. While I was asked for bed-rest for a week to recuperate, I was dragged into darkness even further down. Because the tick-tock of the clock was leering at me as if “Time” itself was condemning my existence at that very moment.

I was getting saggy skin under my reddened and soured eyes. My friends were asking why I was wearing a headband. Was that to conceal my ugly hairstyle, or was it to relieve me from a headache.

The thought that was killing me, “why she switched her phone off!?”

Last time we met, it was a chilly wintery day of 9th December. She was crying that day too… She said she loved me more than anything. But what happened to her after that? It was frustratingly confusing.


Disappointments are to the soul what a thunderstorm is to the air.

Friedrich Schiller

I could not wait any longer. I had to do something. I was becoming more and more depressed day after day. I could not go any deeper than rock-bottom. So I decided to go to Sambhal.
To meet her. To talk to her, face to face.

So, I ignited the engine of my car and set Bharatpur in my navigation. I planned to contact her through someone in Bharatpur and meet her in Sambhal, in her hometown.

3rd January 2019. I was in Bharatpur and I was successfully able to deliver my message to her, and I got her response, almost instantaneously.

“I don’t love you anymore.”
“I even hate you.”

I knew something was wrong. Akku could never write me those words. Hate? I knew it was a not real. I felt betrayed, but I held myself. I had to trust our love, our bond.

“If you really hate me, tear the sketch I made of you. Tear it, prove your hatred.”
Message Sent.

I knew she would not possibly do that. It was a checkmate. Reveal your true intentions Akku. Or whoever it was.

She did it.

She tore the sketch, the feelings I had when I made it for her… were shattered by her will. She did it?

Happy and Akku - A Reasonable Guy

I still remember the day I presented it to her. It was our second date. She gleefully told me, receiving it, that I have not signed the sketch. Artists are supposed to sign their sketches, aren’t they?
So I signed it, “You’re my past, present, and future”.
It was the truth.

When she sent me a picture of the torn up sketch. I was confused. I did not know what to feel or assume anymore. I was not able to recall anything good or bad. As if, I did not even exist anymore. It was all a dream. A nightmare.

I was broke in college. I barely received any pocket money. But I used all I could save up, little by little, to spend with her, to spend on her.

All my friends used to spend their money recklessly on themselves. But I wanted to spend all I could on her. That’s what I wanted.
But she was different. We would share bills on our dates, she would say we’re not married yet. And that she would want me to spend when we would be married.
She would let her husband spend. Till then, we had to contribute together, even financially. I was always moved by her smoothness.
Her husband.
When we get married. It was my dream to become successful so that I would spend all on her, and she would not have to worry about money.

That’s what I always wanted. To be her husband…

She doesn’t love me anymore? Is that a cruel joke?
I possibly can never imagine her not loving me, and for hate? It is a matter of laugh. I can never stop loving her. I was faithful in us since the very beginning.

Till the day, death parts us

I respect her decision. I know this is not the end, this can never be an end. There is much more to this story and there is always a future. And I am waiting for that future. I am waiting for “us”.

And… rest of this story? Akku will continue the tale. The conclusion of this story is now in her hands. It’s her will now.

When we read a romantic story or watch a movie, it’s always a conflict that causes sadness in a lover’s life. The girl would cry, the guy would fight the goons and villains. They will dance with people backing up as the chorus. In the end, the hero will take out the Boss, who secretly wanted to make that girl his own. And all will end just like this.

But in our story, love is real. I am not a hero, and there are no villains, but an unlucky fate.

But it’s not our destiny – and I believe that.

So I leave the rest of this story to be told by Akku.
And it’s solely her decision, to take this story from here, whether to a happy ending. Or no ending.

Akku, if you ever read this, I want to make sure you know that I miss you.
I love you.
Since the day I first saw you. Till the day death part us.

Happy and Akku - A Reasonable Guy
Last time we met 🙂

Words of the Author

My friend sent me this, this is his real story and he needs support through prayers. You can request the original copy (Hindi) that he submitted to me through our Instagram accounts.
His Instagram: @hakkuppy (That’s ‘Akku’ between ‘Happy’)
You can also reach me @reesgargi on Facebook/Instagram.

If you have not ‘seen’ Molly, yet, here’s a preview of my book in development: Molly. Be sure to read and review if you like the psychological/romantic genre.

Important Update:

May 1st 2020

Things didn’t work out between Akku and Happy, and although she got married, broke Happy into pieces, he did manage to move on. With a better life ahead in mind, with someone who can appreciate the love he has.

This blog post was my “last one,” as I entered a seemingly eternal writer’s block. Whatever I wrote did not manage to pierce through that heart of Akku. And I failed to help a friend. This result had a significant impact on me as a person.

So after over one year, I have begun writing again with one thing in mind: I will probably never write for a friend. I hope I would not need to.

Have a good day ahead. Cheers.

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