About Me

Hi, my name is Rees Gargi.

And I write screenplays, poems, essays, stories, and blogs. I am on Instagram and Facebook by the name “A Reasonable Guy.”

I have a degree in English Literature, and I enjoy writing Fiction. My favorite genres are fantasy, adventure, action, and paranormal. I like science-fiction, mystery thriller, YA as well.

If you want to know me or to befriend me, I am on social media with the username “reesgargi.”

Or simply search by my name.

Besides fiction, I also write blogs, which you can view under “Life Blog” from the menu (non-fiction write-ups). Usually, I write about science, space, and spirituality.

I enjoy writing screenplays and freelance time to time in copywriting, article writing, etc.

A Reasonable Guy

Created on 1st January 2017, “A Reasonable Guy” or “ARG” is a company that I am working on. Its purpose is to publish indie fiction books and provide a living and light to writers who deserve it.

It is still a long road, and I am actively looking for volunteers to help me with my cause. If you can relate to this, feel free to sponsor “ARG” on Patreon. ARG creates videos, audiobooks, and contests on this website and social media.
Patreon Link: A Reasonable Guy.

I read email on gargirees@gmail.com