About Me

I am Rees Gargi



Diagnosed with ultra awesomeness (I am sorry, I had to say that), I create things. I am a dropout in computer science with a dream to pursue my dream as a screenwriter.

I write all sorts of things whether it’s one line or a rather funny-looking-fat-novel. I love writing and creating new things – that’s the point.

Sometimes, I get my hands dirty (literally sometimes, ink problems) and write uncommon articles around science-fiction, extra-terrestrial or even supernatural. But besides my hobby of creating things out of my imagination, I also write things based on pure facts and science. I like to keep everything organized and simple, that’s why I work on a science of deduction and reasoning. It’s like 1+1=2.

Web Hokage

Due to my education in the field of computers, I have made several ties with independent freelancers and working on a collaboration (Web Hokage™️)

These “independent freelancers” involves one of the best programmers and designers all over the world. And in the collaboration period of each project, we work a full-time 8 hours per day. In other words, Web Hokage is my full-time day job now. It might not be my ultimate dream, but that’s my contribution to this community and I really enjoy doing that.

Web Hokage, as a group ended in 2018. Now it’s a YouTube Channel to teach good things about web creation to curious people and since there are not many people to take the charge in India, videos are made in the local language (Hindi) and maybe in more diverse languages but that is something “future me” shall worry about. For now, I am going to take care of my day job, writing, and my twitter account (@reesgargi).

Back to what I…

I believe in a very old saying. The three most important factors for a brilliant life are knowledge, truth, and fun. And I am pretty much sure Dumbledore said that line. But I believe in this, altogether.


Anyways, I laugh a lot, eat a lot, read a lot, write a lot, right to vote, sleep rarely and whine all the time. That’s about me.about rees gargi

Explore and enjoy the site and bookmark for some pretty exciting stuff.

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If you want me to write something to anything for you, just click here and send me your requirements. I’ll take care of the rest.

For other businesses, just mail me, that would be easier for both of us. It’s gargirees@gmail.com

Google is amazing.