Bonds – A Love Story

Love at first sight. Who would believe such a thing and as if, this phenomenal thing can ever exist outside the realm of movies and fictional stories?
People keep this fantasy inside their hearts. However, in reality, does it exists?
This is a story but not the fictional one that I usually write. It is as real as our very existence. And it begins with some happiness. Worded by Rees Gargi, this is a real story of a guy called “Happy”.

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What is fun?

What is best may not be better for your own good. A Reasonable Guy
Easy going people are not easily tormented. They often find the shortcut out of toughest of situations. But one thing we don’t know about these “Easy-going” people is that there is a world of fantasy they live in. Keep reading

Is iPhone worth buying? Read this (2018)

Is iPhone worth buying?

I have been an apple user since a good amount of time. I started off with a MacBook Pro for my development purposes. Yes, it’s was expensive but I wanted the best. So I spent a lot of money and Got this laptop. Mac is fast, there is no denying that.

That’s how pdf files are transferred, noobs.

A year later, I purchased my first iPhone, completing the first step to obtain an apple ecosystem. If you ask me: yes, it’s great and amazing. Apple indeed is something.

But at what cost.

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5 things you endured that proves you are a grown up

I was a pair of listening ears as long as I have known anything. People would pour down their frustration, their tears, and everything to me* and I would take it all like a good boy. I did never actually understand their conditions but my suggestions relieved them to some level. But as I become older, experiences started to hammer me, shape my soul and for better or worse – changed me. Today, we will discuss 5 things you endured that proves you are a grown up.

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