Serial killer escapes jail and assaults innocent dreams

Clear as muddy sea
I’ll telltale of a killer
Who got caught but fled

Spring of hearts mastered
Got best of us he bastard
Then he killed our selves

He chanced our fine smiles
Left this unending distress
Crushed hope and then bailed

Soft hearts and kind souls
Ours that but turned to black coals
Burned then drowned then sold

One who that rules lives
make us tremble like leaves dried
and fear godly thrives

Dreams, Friends, Lots of fun
Children as we were pondered
Now mortgage, rent, runt

Under our nose he
pinching evilish fork teeths
bleeds ours good souls dead

Serial killer
Murdered our innocent dreams
Known as mister fear

He destroyed more lives
Then anything else that’s known
in heart feels like a kidney stone

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Flickering snow

I would like to know how it feels to grow

with life so good and company above

I would like to see how it feels to feel

the love exists in hearts of yours

I would like to hear the sound of breath

when I put my head on bosoms of yours

But maybe I would not be able to taste

your flame with my flickering snow


You picked me up when I was fragile as glass

was already broken when you cast me far

you fixed me well, you made me strong

You left me then, again broken and alone


I wish I knew if you loved me at all

You lifted my spirits, then threw me down

You killed the dead, before shining him light

You just gave up on me, left without a fight


I wish you loved me, I wish you do

If ever you did, I wouldn’t have let you go

But I guess it’s my fate, to that I bow

to your farewell, my flickering snow.

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Burned with Passion

Inspired by a collaboration with @noora.f.lek on Instagram.

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Elongated with Passion

 Burned with Passion

Sparked with a passion, kind of

as he laid eyes on his dream

He begin to hustle as he saw a glimpse of it

He saw himself accomplished what he needs to be

As if he saw the future, vague, but it felt true to him.

He moved further, cleared the haze himself

worked finely as he cleared all books of the shelf

When that vaguely turned crystal and time elapsed

He knew where he is heading, “oh god! finally” he gasped

Burned with passion by Rees Gargi
Burned with passion by Rees Gargi

He saw his dream and jotted it on a piece of paper

His flame was tough, fiery enough to turn fears into vapors

Burned with passion, he worked unconscious of days and nights

he want to give in everything he got, not to give up, without a fight


He endured the jeerings of people burning with jealousy and hatred

that was in his aware, but he’s shivering now he lost it

Succumbed with passion, was he?

Yes and as he started to lose control

his patience was put to test, his nerves were swole


Once again he remembered his beginning

about how he’d work towards conquering his dream

He can’t stay distracted anymore, he needs to gather up

Fight himself if he has to, but move ahead and grow up

Elongated with passion, he strives to reach the sun

he would get himself burned, exclaimed everyone

This time, it did not stop him as he reached out his hands

As he leaped high, with a considerable height, as he planned


Burned with Flame - Instagram Post
Instagram Post

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