Never Born (if you’re feeling sad)

(7 days after she left me, I became depressed)

I waited for her message, I sat through all night

suddenly we just gave up, not even had a fight

I gazed that screen, wore my blurred vision

As time passed by, season by season

Cold ears, red eyes

I just screamed, inside

I cried to see her text just one more time

I never thought I was that kind of a guy

Moon - Never Born Poem
Never Born – Poetry of Rees Gargi

(After few days, she updated her profile picture. A little less depressed as I sat in a park to enjoy the full moon)

Sat on a bench, dark of the night

I loved the moon, I loved the sight

I smoked, seeing the clouds slide

the sky is gray like this beautiful life

Life this world has, vehemence flowing through veins

If sky was not a living being, why would it stay so strange


But then, I would see silver scars on my moon

which seems to smile upon this lovestruck fool

As I salute him with my smirky blew

To be honest, I need love, I am desperate for you


But it’s alright if you finally left me,

I hope to become better for someone who will need me

I have heard life is alive if some love is shown

Does that mean it’d be dead if we were never born


Smoking - Never Born Poem
Never Born – Poetry by Rees Gargi

(Later that night, as I finally let her leave my mind for a while. Feeling teary but satisfied)

I would walk in the park, I could still feel the chill

In the wintery breeze, I can almost love this shrill

I’ve no regrets, maybe I am too young to carry one

I’ll be grateful to the father. I’ll always be one obedient son

I’ll spend an eternity to see this sky, and probably would never be known

Would life be the same, if I was never born

Lost Soul

Lost Soul

Last night I slept half past four
Couldn’t sleep while my three brothers snore
I stared at the ceiling which reminded me of sky
Like a jolly daylight, moon lit our room bright
I thought of having a dream as I sleep
Lucid to be, I’d like demons to creep
They would not scare me, I’ve seen enough dark
Cold as coldest winters, days fierce and stark

I would like to be scared though; I really need some sleep
How Am I supposed to wake up early, if I don’t stay in my kip
I stood up, emptied snacks into a bowl
Felt too random, curious, anxious, have I lost my soul?

Lost Soul


Lost Souls

Lost Soul

I try to wake up early, and I try to make it out
with a blurred vision I would see, I would hear sound that loud
Then I would put on my glasses, to see the world as it should seem
with stiffed back I would stretch, nature again would look so mean
I’ve seen good times and bad too, but I never seen the best yet
my days would pass by as I, climb up or fall back
I don’t laugh or cry much, I feel very emotionless
I’ve always helped as much as I could, but never heard that one yes
I think God looks after us, or as this was what I used to think
but this is one possibility, and so is that God does not exist
Like this, my day would pass by and as I would go to sleep
And time would go fly till past four, and I would still not even blink.




Just a casual poem, in which I expressed my heart and the story of “how I got fat in last summer” which, to be frank, many of my dearest friends have been asking. So yes, I empty the bowl of snacks every night, I am sleep deprived and my day job includes sitting on a desk for 6 hours straight. Anyways, for more reasonable and logical stuff, follow my Instagram/twitter/facebook @reesgargi

I am including a healthy diet and good workout routine now, for a good mind, you need a healthy functional body.

Cheers ?

Lost Soul