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5 most Fascinating yet Scaring facts about space and our planet

Our planet is both beautiful and homely. Yes, despite the fact we humans have spoiled much of the beauty, this earth is still full of might.

Here are 5 most Fascinating yet Scaring facts about space and our planet that might amaze you. Or blow away your mind.


Earth is traveling through “different” space.

It takes earth roughly 365 days to orbit around the sun and 24 hours to rotate on its own axis. But that is not all. Earth also travels in the third dimension which means it is not only orbiting the sun, it also orbits other universes alongside our milky way.

Fascinating facts about space and our planet

Orbiting Sun and away
Orbiting Sun and away

Every planet and dwarf planet (pfft) orbit around the sun, which itself is moving in a single line (or through dimensions which we are not aware of yet).

Still not amazed? Well, just imagine what would happen if the Sun collides with another star moving in our direction. Most of our science is getting disregarded as new discoveries in space are being made every day.

If you still have not realized it yet; we, Earthians are moving in different space EVERY SECOND. The space you stood yesterday in your living room, is now 2,59,200 kilometers (161,060 miles) away. Yes! That’s over 2.5 lakh kilometers. Whoof…

If this atmosphere was not there to save our asses, we’ve been blown into pieces within a fork of a second.

2,59,200 kilometers is the distance we have traveled in 24 hours, that’s how far I am from the point I burped last night after eating my samosa. Jeez!

Every second is different, every moment is worth enjoying. god knows which could be our last.

Earth is a middle-aged man.

If we compare Earth to a person as I bet many poets and scientists or poetic scientists have done earlier, we can say, it is a middle-aged man. Yes, my dear pumpkin reader, the earth is old, really old (4.543 Billion years to be exact).

Do you realize what that means?

Fascinating facts about space and our planet

Fascinating facts about space and our planet

Fascinating facts about space and our planet

Yes, Earth probably is not the planet we know it is. It probably was full of mystical creatures like dragons, mermaids, and unicorns. It probably was a magical place with schools like Hogwarts, and many great adventures like that of Bilbo Baggins might have actually happened here. You might think it’s pretty far-fetched, but it is a possibility.

Humans are known to exist on earth for six million years. Considering the living conditions were developed way far back, and since, even advance science cannot find the treasures of our mysterious past, we won’t be able to know for sure what actually happened on earth. Had aliens already invaded our planet? Are we the aliens and we’re not aware of that yet?

Fascinating facts about space and our planet

Nobody knows.

The more we find about history, the more we are proven wrong. once we thought earth was flat. then we realized it is not. then we had second thoughts again.

Are we alone?

alone in universe and far beyond
Alone in the universe and far beyond

The question that sometimes makes me wonder and does not let me sleep at nights is: Are we alone?

Earth might look big to you, considering your size. But it’s a dot relative to the scale of the solar system. And not visible if seen from one remote point of our galaxy. It is nothing in this big universe. And we already know that there are zillions and more universe out there. Are we really alone?

Fascinating facts about space and our planet

There are two possible answers to that. And both are scary as hell.


That twinkling star you just saw, died 4 million years ago.

Stars are awesome
Stars are excellent

Stars are very far. And not other part-of-the-earth far. I mean really very FAR. So far that if you fire the engine of your high-end rocket, it will take around 200 days.

200 days to reach the sun and probably 215,770,752,000 years to reach second closest star: Proxima Centauri. It is 4,01,33,36,00,00,000 kilometers away. Count those zeroes before packing your bags and sandals.

It takes 8 minutes for sun rays (light) to reach Earth from the sun. That means if the sun fades away suddenly, it will take us 8 minutes to realize that. We would still see sun burning for 8 minutes after it’s death. Pray that does not happen.

If a star is 4,01,33… oh gosh.

If a star is 40 Trillion kilometers away from us, we see its 215 million old instances. That is, if with naked eyes, you see Proxima Centauri, you do not see the actual star. You are just seeing its image as it were that many million years ago. The star might have died even before the human race came into existence, but we see it. How great is that!

The star might have gone, but their lights live on. Do not let your flame fade away.

You are a star.


There are planets that we cannot see. (Eighth Color)


If I ask you to tell me how many colors do you know. Red, green, blue some would say (RGB) as it composes various other colors. They are parent color, right?

Some would say, pink, violet, grape color and blah and blah.

Some would say there are seven colors, VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) that forms the rainbow.

Well, right. But no.

There is only one color. And it forms all the rest. We, on earth, get seven colors from the sun and they are called VIBGYOR. Since air takes the shiny white color from sunlight and turns it into a different color, we see things differently for the different time of the day.

See that brown wallet in your jeans? Well, what if I tell you it is not brown.

Light falls on it and absorbs every color other than red, yellow and blue. What if it doesn’t accept these three colors to enter its system and reflect them back? What if it’s actually colorless but send back these three color which makes it look like brown which is formed by combining these three colors?


My strange theory

Human eyes can see 7 million possible combinations of these colors or lights. What if I tell you there are some objects out there which do not fall in this 7 million colors domain.

Fascinating facts about space and our planet

What if there are objects we cannot see because we just cannot.

Dogs can only see one-tenth of colors as humans see. If we saw a bright green palm tree, a dog might not see it the same way. Maybe it sees that as a dark orange. There are a lot of maybes here.

But, one thing is for sure, there are outer space objects that we cannot see. So, the SONAR is not getting false reading after-all.

Now, this is something I bet you never heard before. Or if you did, just send me a message or comment below. I would love to talk science with some fellow enthusiast.

Fascinating facts about space and our planet

Myths and Reality of Time Travel

Through the film Interstellar, average sized brains were made aware of the concept of wormholes and the fifth dimension. But how many of us still learned the reality of the unknown. Today, I’m going to share some myths and reality of the Time Travel.

First, before I begin, Time Travel is real. This is no crap, at least in theories. Many adventurers all over the world are working to deduce something from earlier and scientists are doing equations to solve the mystery. Many theories exist and many theorems are proved, largely famous wormholes, however, tops most among those speculations. To stay clear of any confusions: it is a wormhole, not warm-hole (that would be a tragic wordplay if so was its true spelling/meaning).
For our time is very shadow that passeth away; and after our end there is no returning: for it is fast sealed, so that no man cometh again.
-Wisdom of Solomon 2:5
Lee, a fictional character from the only fiction I ever wrote: Demon with Emotions, is a time traveler. He is over 500 years old yet decided to live in his 40 years self. That book is not a science fiction but more of a fantasy apart from the methods he used to travel time. Does he use wormholes? Hell no. Wormholes are practically non-existent. They are so tiny, even a bacteria cell has to squeeze its ass to get through.
In 2009, the famous and extremely talented physicist (who by the way, can kick any ass) invited our descendants to a dinner party. He concluded from his philosophies that one can not travel to the past.
Although he didn’t say that directly, or maybe he did but in that invitation, he conveyed his message with a little bit of irony. Well, the man got a sense of humor. The invitation was meant to people from the generation where the time machine is real and he proved that that time: would not exist.
We can travel to the future if we are very, really very fast as told by Sir Hawk himself in this article.
 time travel dome

Why Time Travel is not Possible

If you run with the speed of light, that is 3 lakhs meters every second (no, you can never run that fast) then you will break what we noobs call time-space continuum. In actual, that is not time-space continuum but we are noobs after all.
Run that fast and you will skip a second. Run that fast for hours, and you will skip some extra minutes. And even if you manage to build some kind of freak particle accelerator of some kind and all that flux capacitor crap, this is just a theory and it can be wrong. There are still many laws and forces that we’re not aware of. And thus time traveling is not possible.
So that’s one theory of time travel and it is one-way. You cannot travel to the past.
The one of the most controversial philosophy on time travel till date is called the grandfather paradox.

The Grandfather Paradox:

In the early 1950s or so, a statement that blew minds of many sci-fi enthusiasts was the Grandfather paradox.
See, when something that many of us cannot understand just because we all are not Sherlock, many of us denies of its existence. This deniability brings up the best quality of a modern human being: resistance.
We resist anything new because we’re afraid of anything that might affect our habitat and that’s natural. This resistance raises some of the most valid arguments which otherwise would never occur to us.
Grandfather Paradox was a statement pictured by Robert Heinlein.
This is actually a quite amusing assumption and if we think about it, It is quite reasonable.
A baby girl is mysteriously dropped off in an orphanage without any note. She grew there and after she turned 18, falls in love with a drifter. He impregnates her and leaves. During delivery, the doctors find that the woman has the female as well as male genitalia. To save her life, they transform her into a man. The Same night, “his” baby gets kidnapped.
Rejected and hated by the society, our guy starts drinking and drifting, moving places.
One night, after several years, in some pub, he meets this bartender and pours all his lifetime sad story in front of him. The bartender resolves a revenge and takes him to the past on his time machine.
After reaching the past, this guy falls in love with a beautiful young woman. Then after one night, she gets pregnant. Freaked out, our guy leaves her in the dark.
Bartender then forwards time for nine month and kidnaps that woman’s baby from the hospital and drops her in an orphanage 18 years earlier.
Got mind spinning?
According to the grandfather paradox, if time travel to the past is possible, a person can be his own partner, child, parent, uncle and that will break any physical law that we’ve ever discovered.
Sir Hawk simplified this paradox into something called the “mad scientist paradox” which if you’re interested can read in his article. He also explained other means of time travel like orbiting a giant black hole and running like DC superheroes around the globe.

Another variant of the grandfather paradox, where a man travels into the past to kill his grandfather.

Why Time Travel is not only possible but true

Ok, now this is interesting. Even after all the “resistance” and the facts proving time-travel is false, I’m here, telling you that it’s not only possible: but true.
The answer is simple: Multiverse.
Yes, the answer is one word. Although Hawks explained very well why time travel to the past is not possible, my belief is somewhat different. I usually don’t shout that loud, people might think I’m a nutjob, but to be honest, I’m a nutjob.

Just a picture of the Beatles, nothing related to time travel

Multiverse is far greater than our imagination and it is the only (as far as we know of) scenario that passes the law of physics: by introducing and raising quantum physics to a new level.
I’ll be easy on words. Do you remember yourself 5 years ago? Do you remember what your dreams were?
This might look way less sciency but believe me, there exist a version of you that is lot different than you in a different universe. I believe, every fraction of a second, a new universe gets created. A new universe for each one of us. millions of billions universe every second and there are infinite universes out there.
When you break into space-time continuum, you are not only skipping some distance or time. You are skipping a whole universe.
If you travel to the past, you travel to the past in a different universe, creating a different timeline, resulting in a different universe probably in a different multiverse.
If you read comics, you’ll understand this fact.

The mainstream universe is the universe you are living in now, the parallel universe is true for other beings, but is created by you. you are your only imagination.

Time travel is possible, time travel is true. Aren’t we traveling through time every second we live? think about it.
If you still are a bit confused or amazed, let me know in the comments.
Rees Gargi
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